Friday, 3 August 2018

Count Your Days, Mr. Wuerl - You're next!

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Barona said...

Mr (Dr?) Wuerl is indeed next! His doctorate will not help him however. As we discussed a couple of weeks ago Vox, Mr/Dr. Wuerl's history is an open secret amongst Catholics in the north-east US.

Catholic priest and seminarians - I call on you in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ to be brave, bold, and authentic Catholics. Come forward NOW and expose "Cardinal" Wuerl for person he really is!

NBW said...

It wouldn't surprise me if he plans to leave the country in order to not be prosecuted. God is watching you Mr. Wuerl...time to give yourself up, and repent.

Ana Milan said...

Let them all be exposed for what they are - infiltrators, Masonic/Marxist/Modernists. Use tear-gas to shunt them all from their cosy Bishop Residences, burn their episcopal garb & then fumigate/exorcise the buildings & all places they have frequented. Their partners in crime must also receive the consequences in this life for what they have cravenly executed. Their victims now have a duty to speak & go to court so that this Apostasy can be publicly trodden underfoot. It is not pleasing to God or His People that the counter-attack to this Apostasy be delayed any further. There are no excuses for what has happened, canon law is used to make fools of us & if a general council is required then let us have it promptly. Cancel the WMOF & the Youth Synod in October. If the silent prelates don't immediately do their duty let them be regarded as complicit in the sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance & accordingly treated. This dual papacy has destroyed the standing of the Bride of Christ & brought shame on sincere Catholics worldwide. It has got to STOP- NOW.

TLM said...

The 'chopping block' awaits for Wuerl and ALL THE OTHERS involved. We're just getting started.