Saturday, 4 August 2018

Predator Pervert Theodore McCarrick's work goes on

Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness reports that disgraced Archbishop and homosexual predator pervert Theodore McCarrick ordained to the sacred priesthood, the dissenting and homosexualist, Daniel Horan whom we have written of previously.

Who else of has been ordained by Pervert McCarrick?


Ana Milan said...

The end of this Apostasy must now be close to hand. When it comes, silent fencers, renegers, wishy- washy red & pink hats must go down the same way as the sodomites, careerist effeminates & actual Satanists within the CC, for they have perpetuated this demonic infestation by their total lack of faith in Christ, fear of the power of godless men over them, skeletons in their cupboards which make them subjects of blackmail. The entire Hierarchy & priesthood must be exorcised. Through their complicity & corruption they have completely lost our trust as we await the coming of Our Lady's promised Triumph which will set everything to right once again.

Kathleen1031 said...

Amen to all that the wise Ana just said.

I don't tweet Vox, or I would retweet your posts. I'm sure someone will.
Thank you for all you do.