Saturday, 11 August 2018

Bishop Peter Doyle, James Martin, S.J. Affirm Homosexual Predators

Well, what do we have here...

A poster for a conference in Lincoln, England featuring Jim Martin and Peter Doyle, the alleged Bishop of Northampton.  Joseph Sciambra writes about it and has brought forward this poster for all to see. God bless him.

Look at the poster.

On the right, a Vatican flag, on the left, the "rainbow" sodomy promoting flag.

Now, look at the hands. On the right, the hands of a man, on the left, a teenaged boy.

At a time when the Church is rocked by scandals with the McCarrick scandal and the cover-ups, these filthy, disgusting, Christ-hating homosexualists show their hands The abuse "crisis" has not ended, it continues on. These sodomite predators have been emboldened and shown their hand for all to see.

James Martin must be a homosexual. Peter Doyle must be a homosexual. Real men, Real men who believe in God and Our Blessed Lord would not do this. These men are evil. They are filthy. They will burn in the lowest pits of Hell, forever. 

More on Peter Doyle here.

Every homosexual priest. Every homosexual bishop must be outed. 

What are you victims waiting for?

In truth, there is healing.


TLM said...

What we NEED is for a qualified Catholic investigative reporter to dig in and look for Satanism going on within the ranks of our Churchmen. Realizing it would be a very dangerous job indeed, we must bring everything into the light. These men are NOT Priests of God...they are Priests of Satan. I would bet my life savings that these men are actively involved within the Church of Satan. Realizing that Malachi Martin is controversial, he said as much on several different occasions. Once he was heard to say that at the beginning of his discovery, he was shocked to discover just how many were Satanists. The man may have been controversial, but I believe he KNEW what he was talking about. He saw these things going on up close and personal...and he was an exorcist. Please Dear Lord, help us to bring everything into the LIGHT!

TLM said...

To add to my post......these men need to be DEFROCKED & dispelled from the Church of Christ.

mazara said...

Please sign and share.


Each and every priest or bishop or cardinal who sexually molests either a minor or an adult should be defrocked. That's not going to happen...but that is what should happen. We are in the end times.