Saturday, 25 August 2018

If you listen to any homily on line, it must be this one - Father Robert Altier

May God bless and protect Father Altier


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...
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Ana Milan said...

An excellent sermon. One has to wonder if priests had banded together & spoken to the press as soon as it became obvious their seminaries were overtaken by deviants, would we be in the utter mess that now exists? I know it may sound easy from hindsight but really this has been going on for decades (even in the convents) & nothing at any level done about it. Silence is of the Devil - it is his greatest tool. Look at our Hierarchy - deafening silence which gives our demonic leadership the go-ahead for their heinous perversity. What does it take for these red & pink hats to realise they are putting their own salvation at risk as well as those whom they have been consecrated to serve. None of them want to serve, only to feast themselves at the highest level on donations given for an entirely different cause. Yet they all seem able to sleep well at night despite their knowing the inevitable consequences of their actions. Even the more sane among them are tarred with the Modernist brush. All are VII men - that abominable 'pastoral' council that has wreaked so much insanity & wilful disobedience to God's Word. They are Apostates, so why is canon law supporting their sodomy, embezzling, calumnies, sacrileges, blasphemies? They clearly don't believe in God - no Catholic God, no Hell (no Sin), everyone can get to Heaven (can't be Heaven if no God or Hell), no judgement. They are absolutely corrupt & single-mindedly intent on breaking the OHC&A Church, i.e. God's Institution. If other Christians fail to see their intent, then they are as complicit as our silent prelates. This is the time for everyone to make up their minds about the existence of GOD & do repentance, pray, avail of the Sacraments. Christ promised He would not leave His Church (many think He has & that the Gates of Hell have prevailed but won't admit it) & Our Blessed Lady said when all would seem lost then would be Her Triumph. Stop the internal strife & let us band together for God's sake & carry out His Will, not ours, & thereby have a chance of earning our eternal reward. Keep the True Faith. No more dithering. We await the Prelate Our Lady of Quito promised God would send us to restore the spirit of our priests. Our present lot are incapable of doing so!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Ana Milan,

there were times when I was overjoyed seeing that my loved ones were finally able to see.
But this darkness which God has allowed, has proven too strong and impenetrable. It pulls one right back in.

A couple of years ago I was often prompted to speak up, thinking that in order to see, people needed some reliable information, like the testimony of Bella Dodd. I kept repeating myself, believing in the intellectual capacity of the readers/listeners to connect the dots, and in the power of their God-given thirst for Truth.

I am now largely resigned.
Only God.

The biggest challenge now is to be a trusting, calm, faithful witness to Jesus Christ.

I get angry, I get overwhelmed, discouraged, overcome by a sense of hopelessness on account of their souls.

The only good thing I CAN do is to follow Jesus straight through this smiling/screaming mob of sanctimonious traitors and cowards.

No, I am not afraid to judge what I see. God knows their hearts, not I.

MaryP said...

Nice informative sermon. He and any priest should have spoken privately in warning to anyone in harm's way (to their child or their faith), and perhaps he did. He does assume his audience is neutral observers. 1. Many of them are victims already crucified for a long time. 2. Many give fuel to this satanic attack by their toleration of sodomy, contraception, and abortion.