Monday, 27 August 2018

The Viganò Testimony - Archbishop denies he undertook a "cover-up" at the same time as the Irish media engaged in one!

The media sycophants of Pope Francis, secular and Catholic have been targetting Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, --  just what we expected. One issue that has been dragged up, is the accusation that as Papal Nuncio, Viganò, did not prosecute a case in Minnesota under former Archbishop Neinstadt, who himself has been accused of having an active "gay" lifestyle.

I did not know much about this case, or about the former Archbishop's dalliances. What I do recall, is he seemed to come into the Archdiocese and began to take a broom to liturgical abuse and dissenters.

Carl E. Olson of Catholic World Report has an interview with Viganò who denies the accusation.


“I never told anyone that Greene Espel should stop the inquiry, and I never ordered any document to be destroyed. Any statement to the contrary is false. However, I did instruct one of the auxiliary bishops, Auxiliary Bishop Lee A. Piché, to remove from the computer and the archdiocesan archives the letter falsely asserting that I had suggested the investigation be halted. I insisted on this not only to protect my name, but also that of the Nunciature and the Holy Father who would be unnecessarily harmed by having a false statement used against the Church.”

If Viganò covered something then, he was wrong, though he may have been ordered to so or it may have been a failing on his part, - if, it is true. If he did, it really does not matter. What matters is what he has stated in his Testimony and that the Pope himself has refused to answer it.

The news is no coming so very fast. Now, we have a report that the Irish media was instructed to hide the report from the people!

Who did this?


Leah said...

There is still one thing more that we need. The real reason why Emeritus Pope Benedict resigned. I am sure there is a story there.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

These truly are men with no faith, no morals. Men with no fear of God.
This attack was expected, but still - one is in disbelief.
The testimony of the Nuncio is going to be used as means to sodomize us all.

Celibacy and homophobia, together with clericalism (respect for the faith) are the root cause of this unfortunate problem. And these spiritually advanced shepherds, who fight every day for the underdog, for justice, peace and unity, just wanna be marry and gay, and married to other sodomites. Joy is obligatory. Some pizza on the beach is highly recommended. Is it too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

Why Pope Emeritus resign?

And who didn't allow media in Ireland to publish Vegano text... Irish Episcopate... They didn't want to have a scandal there.

Anonymous said...

If anyone would like to really know, what is going to happen in the church, so maybe they remind themselves, that God has prophesied all of this and much, much, much more in the "Book of Truth" by Maria Divine Mercy. Five years ago, most Catholics were mocking prophet Maria Divine Mercy... Today, if they are smart and humbled by what is happening in the Church, they should eagerly read what God has in store for his Church:

Johnno said...

Also worth adding...

Vigano's story checks out form all angles.

The man has obviously been planning this all for some time.

Also helps that he's done it just as Francis is telling us all how people (like him) are "SHIT!"

This Vigano vs. Francis moment is akin to Nathan vs. King David. Francis and David both judged themselves.


Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

The woman referred to in your article, Mary Kennedy, works for RTE.
RTE is the taxpayer funded national broadcast organisation in Ireland.

This same broadcast organisation which gives limitless air time to apostate
former president of Ireland, apostate and sodomite apologist Mary McAleese.

RTE apparently was aware of Archbishop Vigano's charges against Francis but refused to give these charges any mention in their transmissions.

MaryP said...

Disappointed in this report. You left out the main thing: Vigano had said only that the investigators should talk to the accused before making a final report. That was falsely framed as an attempt to stop the investigation.

Anonymous said...

TLM said...

Just read from Austin Ruse that the U.S. Justice Dept. is beginning to take a look at this because of Arch. Vigano's testimony....child safety issues, possible money laundering, trafficking...etc.

Anonymous said...