Saturday, 4 August 2018

America's Political Left Will Now Use Heretic Bergoglio's Capital Punishment Edict to Whip Support for Democrats

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In a post below, I opined that one of the reasons Bergoglio did this catechetical change, which remains an abuse of his authority, is to undermine Donald J. Trump and support the Democrat Party in the mid-term American elections. Remember, it was the fraud on the Chair of Peter who, returning from a trip to Mexico said about Mr. Trump, "Real Christians don't build walls."

I give you this:

From Wikipedia: Jane Fleming Kleeb is an American political activist. She is the founder and president of Bold Alliance, Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party and a board member of Our Revolution. 

But killing babies is just fine.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

This is war, more vicious than open battle. The moves of the enemy are scientifically calculated. The army are SJW zombies. The saviour is Bergoglio, the generals are his communist sodomite cardinals.
The lowest common denominator populace (as per Bergoglio, Christian teaching is only an ideal, an unrealistic one) has been trained over last decades to react to trigger words: love, mercy, unity, peace. These triggers do not prompt a intellectual zombie to use his rational mind. His rational mind has not been developed. Instead he developed a "sexual identity" in well over 50 shades. The zombie reacts emotionally.
He is convinced that he is good, that he is a victim of evil patriarchy (Catholic Church), that he is obligated to unite with other good people such as himself to bring about justice and peace. This conception of man and social justice is, of course, REALISTIC.

All humanity needs to do is follow Bergoglian communist sodomites.

Johnno said...

The Democrats are against the death penalty for guilty criminals.

The Democrats are for the Death Penalty for innocent unborn children and the innocent elderly leeching off life support and hospital care while not contributing back to it like good producers for the state.