Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Pope Francis gave Vatican apartment to gay priest later caught in cocaine-fuelled orgy

The gay Monsignor, Cocaine Capozzi was given his apartment by Bergoglio. My Roman sources tell me that the cocaine-fueled sodomite orgy actually took place in Holy Week.

My sources further advise that Capozzi is back in his abode.

Will the "highly placed Vatican source" please come out of the shadows and go on the record?
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ROME, Italy, August 29, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Pope Francis gave a Vatican apartment to a priest who was later caught hosting a drug-fueled homosexual orgy in that same apartment despite being warned about the priest’s grave problems, a highly placed Vatican source told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview. 
It was Francis himself, the source said, who made sure that a homosexual secretary of his friend Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio would obtain a privileged apartment in the Vatican. 


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

The picture which emerges of our current regime is one where Catholics are punished and marginalized for being Catholic and decent, while sodomites reign and do as they will.
Well, we DID know it, but if asked for evidence, we might fall short.
Jesuits, as Bergoglio likes to brag about himself, are shrewd.

I have no doubt that these Jesuits and sodomites of no faith and morals, and no conscience, are convinced that they have done absolutely nothing wrong. When one works so hard on global equity and peace, one deserves a little fun. Only these rigid bigoted neo-pelagians, not open to the spirit Bergoglio is so infallibly attuned to, these racist literally Hitlers, like to play in... how is feces in Bergoglian? I forget.

Anonymous said...


Let me simplify things...

This is the Communist infiltration of the Church. These are Marxists. Masons. And so on. When asked direct questions, they do not, and will not answer. The MSM, most politicians globally, the hierarchy of the Church... Big business, bankers... The "entertainment industry"...

All one and the same, and now more than very obvious.

Battle lines have been drawn. Pray for Archibishop Vigano. Pray more cardinals, archbishops, bishops, and priests, don't simply give "statements", but actively, openly, publicly, begin to aggressively put things right. Ultimately, a return to the liturgy prior to Vatican 2, is the end zone. Then, we can rebuild, and regain that missionary spirit we should have, instead of this insipid, weak attachment to the world, to political parities that don't support The Common Good... Ease and comfort is what they sold us, and we brought in, hook, line and sinker. Time to detach.

Our Lady Of Fatima, Pray For Us.


Anonymous said...

Well said James, you covered the whole picture perfectly. Our Lady of Fatima, Ora Pro Nobis!

Dan said...

The Francis seems to reward a lot of homosexually inclined individuals. Also, anyone see the Francis' comments when asked about abortion on same flight interview that gave us "I will not say another word?"

Didn't sound at all like he would ever condemn abortion.

Anonymous said...


He won't, Dan. He's a Marxist. The classic Marxist response from the Pope to the Marxist press, "Cover this up for me, that's your job," is already under way.

Never forget he held a "gift" from Bolivian President Evo Morales. Take a close look at the "Hammer" that replaces, the Cross - Jesus is nailed to the Communist Hammer. It is incredibly offencive, and downright evil, but Pope Francis accepted it, because he, too, is a Marxist.

There can be no other explanation.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Mary told the Fatima children that unless Russia was consecrated to the her Immaculate heart it would spread its errors.

The consecration was never done and Russia did spread it s major error- anthropocentrism.

That error spread into the Church which suffered a revolution within the form of Catholicism during and after the Council as the New Theology substituted anthropocentrism for theocentrism.

As to why Fag Fan Francis does what he does- he succors fagsand places them in position of authority because he knows he can expose them if they dare oppose his devilish agenda.

Fag Fan Francs is an AntiChrist

TLM said...

Amateur Brain Surgeon...Yes I would say that's the best way to describe him.....a 'type' of Anti Christ. Some say that he is indeed THE false prophet of the Bible that 'ushers in' THE Anti Christ, but to call it that I believe may be above our pay grade. Heck, even theologians and biblical scholars that study eschatology are in disagreement about that, but he absolutely IS a type of ANTI CHRIST. A truly evil man, I do believe, that will take divine intervention to dispel. Our Lady of Fatima....PRAY FOR US!

Peter Lamb said...

Even as their evil is exposed, they serve their master!

The devil has proved himself a fool, by rebelling against Almighty God. His disciples are also fools. They value this fleeting life more than the eternal one to come. satan is the prince of lies and true to type, his judeo-masonic minions lie in their theology and ecclesiology. Even when caught out, bergoglio et al serve their master. The exposing of their heretical and sodomitic ways will cause many souls to lose their faith and to abandon what they believe, in their innocent ignorance, to be the Catholic Church. The enemies of Catholicism will rejoice mightily. Copious references will be made to the borgias and the "Whore of Babylon". satan is well served - even and perhaps especially when the filth and corruption of his minions are exposed.

Anonymous said...

And the latest news is PF has directed that cdl D Wuerl be spirited out of the US as the federal authorities are after him. Question now is, has he fled the country?

Anonymous said...

Has Vigano? As the former Papal Nuncio all cases of abuse from bishops in their Diocese cross his desk. One has to wonder that if Wuerl fled a possible Federal Department of justice investigation into the American Catholic Church , did Vigano do the same? Did he squelch the seminarian predator Ninestadt's investigation? Several articles assert he did and the legal team that resigned with a large dossier accusing Ninestadt said he did , so just who is telling the truth?
Is he justifying his disappearance due to possible retribution from a clerical network of perverts OR is it about escaping being forced to testify to the entire truth about all the Bishops in all the Diocese who covered up including himself?

Anonymous said...

wewjude said...

Anonymous 11:11 pm August 30

Excellent comment! We must be careful not to be too surprised when this whole sordid mess finally comes to light that it will take out EVERYONE ..... the “good” (ie St John Paul, Benedict, etc), the bad and the ugly. Why do you think the Dubai cardinals are such meows? My guess is that they are ALL compromised to one degree or another which prevents them from really going after the true diabolical ones amongst them.

Anonymous said...

It appears Jorge and Capozzi are bum buddies!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

With such notoriety in cover-ups, maybe cdl DW is in a tudung, passing off as little red riding hood. Where's the bloody wolf when we need him?!

Irenaeus said...

How that orgy must have hurt Our Lord - they acted like the Roman soldiers who laughed and mocked Him, saying, "Hail, the King of the Jews," while placing a purple robe around Him and crowing Him with thorns. Oh, God, have mercy on those men.