Monday, 27 August 2018

The Viganò Testimony - Monsignor Jean-François Lantheaume, “Viganò said the truth. That’s all,”

I have confirmed the above comment with the recipient, M. Louis Paul Arnaud on Facebook as being genuine. I am grateful to M. Arnaud for granting me permission to publish it here so that the world may come to know the depth of the evil and the danger to those who speak out. The whole conversation below is confirmed as genuine and is translated from the original French.

Louis Paul Arnaud
Is what he says true? His accusations against the Pope are very serious.

Jean François Lantheaume
All say the whole truth. I am a witness. The nuncio Vigano is the most honest Prelate that I know in the Vatican

Julien Fafart
That’s terrible, pray, the storm will be terrible

Jean François Lantheaume
Worse than you think Juju. Ready yourself…

Charly Blainville
You’re not reassuring us, dear Father!

Jean François Lantheaume

My goal is not to reassure you, but to tell the truth! Bishops are neither unscathed nor untouchable: they are all just as much sinners as are others !!! let it be said once and for all… they do not enjoy papal infallibility…! But of course as soon as one tries to tell the truth, you have your head cut off, or you “have a bad spirit”…. it’s been over twenty years since I said what I had to say…. now believe what you want, but I can tell you as being the direct witness that Vigano is telling the truth: I was the direct witness! these may be the last lines I write… if I am found chopped up by a chainsaw and my body sunk in concrete, the police and the hacks will say that we have to consider the hypothesis of suicide !!!

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“Monsignor Jean-François Lantheaume, then first Counsellor of the Nunciature in Washington and Chargé d'Affaires ad interim after the unexpected death of Nuncio Sambi in Baltimore, told me when I arrived in Washington —  and he is ready to testify to it —  about a stormy conversation, lasting over an hour, that Nuncio Sambi had with Cardinal McCarrick whom he had summoned to the  Nunciature. Monsignor Lantheaume told me that ‘the Nuncio’s voice could be heard all the way out in the corridor.’”

CNA contacted Msgr. Lantheaume and requested an interview with him to discuss the account attributed to him by Archbishop Viganò. Lantheaume, who has now left the Vatican diplomatic corps and serves in priestly ministry in France, declined to give an interview and said he had no intentions of speaking further on the matter.

“Viganò said the truth. That’s all,” he wrote to CNA. 


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

If one can shoot oneself several times in the back of one's head, one can also chop oneself up into pieces, and pour concrete over them.

Let us beware of conspiracy theories! We must believe... what we are told by our main stream media. Papa Francis himself warned us not to follow fake news.

Kathleen1031 said...

The man I am most worried about is Pope Benedict Emeritus. I do believe he should be removed from his current home into a more safeguarded one. Let's face it, if his resignation is deemed invalid due to findings of internal coercion by the Lavender Mafia, as well possibly as due to his ideas of a "bifurcated papacy", then he would still be pope. If that were the case, perhaps alllll of Bergolio's actions and appointments would be null and void.
Oh please God! As the good God wills it, let it happen. Or maybe God has a better plan.

These homosexuals need to leave as soon as possible. They continue to cause great scandal. However, their leader, Bergolio, has proven he is going to fight like the demon he is rather than give up power.

The Cardinals, who have disappointed the flock for about five years now, need to find their voice and demand he leave, as well as the evil minions who aided and abetted homosexual predators. Find your voices men, do not fear and shiver any longer, the enemy is wounded, the shepherd appointed by God has taken the sting out of the enemy! He is weakened, do your duty!
It is too late for you to say you well defended the sheep, but you can say you overcame your cowardice and entered the skirmish at the last minute, which is far better than saying you never showed up and left the sheep to defend themselves.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

It is prudent that those who are telling the truth take sensible steps to ensure their personal security. In telling the truth, the stakes can often be very high in such cases.

The forces ranged against those who tell the truth are hugely powerful and, I believe, ultimately diabolical. Therefore their pride will ensure that they must seek revenge and retribution. But as awful as their pride is, their cunning is almost as bad.

We need to pray for the prelates who are telling the truth. We must invoke God's protection for them and for folk like Vox who are prepared to stand up and call all of this for what it is.

The stakes are huge, in material terms but more importantly spiritual terms.

We owe a debt of gratitude to those who speak the truth, such as Vox.

Ana Milan said...

As +Viganò testified under oath before a US court official (who must hold a coy) & Msgr..Lantheaume has now confirmed as a living witness to the honesty of it, hiring a hit-man to get rid of them would ensure PF & all named in the testimony would find themselves behind bars very quickly indeed. Might even be sent to Guantanamo. If the Cardinals who 'silently' supported the Dubia, along with the SSPX, came out now in support of +Viganò then there would be little that PF & cronies could do. The Attorney General of NY is interested in carrying out an investigation similar to Pennsylvania anyway so it looks like the game is up. If PBXVI was urged to step aside by Divine Providence, then he will be looked after. Maybe he will get the opportunity soon to verify this testimony in full & more besides. The Rosary Novenas coast to coast in USA is having their effect. Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

It seems this woman was telling the truth about Bergolio. Confess Bergolio you have done so much damage to the mystical body of Christ, you must get on your knees and beg God to forgive you!