Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Blase Cupich - If you don't like Pope Francis, you're a racist

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At 1:08 of the video at this link, Blase Cupich says, "Quite frankly, they also don't like him because he is a Latino."

Stupid moronic idiot.

His blood is Italian.

And racism has nothing to do with the issues of Pope Francis!


Anonymous said...

Cupich is evil.His past action prove it!!!

Kathleen1031 said...

Communists know that to play the race card is to immediately shut up your enemies. Communists have used this tactic, and it's been perfected over decades by individuals, because victim status trumps everything in our crazy world. So here we have a Marxist using the old tried and true tactic, after verbally groping for some stunner to use, but only came up with the most asinine retort possible, the ridiculous statement the pope has more important things (the environment and migrants!), and what could ever compare with those. Certainly the pope being an enabler for a Cardinal sodomizing boys is nothing to these monsters!

These men are not going to go. They have been told to dig in. This is for the whole game and they know it. They care not one molecule about Christ or the church or victims or the laity, not for any of it. They care for THEMSELVES, and just as American Democrats are raging demons, who would destroy this nation in order to regain their power, so will these demons. They will never go without being forced, because Satan uses force if all else fails.

Andrew said...

He might spend some time thinking about what a post-ecclesiastical career looks like. He'd be a shoe-in for a consulting gig with the Democratic National Committee.

Michael said...

I don’t like Francis. My patron saint and my godmother are both from Mexico. The priest who instilled in me a love for the Eucharist is Hispanic. I love the celebrations for the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I have nothing against Latinos. I just have a problem with that particular one.

Anonymous said...

What a idiot, Jorge's men are sick in the head, they are spiritual dead!

Michael Dowd said...

Cupich is reaching just like any good Democrat would. Reaching for anything to obscure the truth.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous ,the Catholic Church is universal ,and has Saints from every race and social position .

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Yeah Cupich,

nice try. But it won't work here.
I do not like Bergoglio, because he is an anti-Catholic in the seat of Peter in Rome.

By the way, I do not like you too, very much. When you blocked my a couple of years ago for my reprimand re your stance on sodomy, I actually despised you.

Ana Milan said...

He took that slur from PF's Little Book of Insults which he keeps for faithful Catholics, not infidels, population controllers, abortionists, terrorist migrants, sodomites, despots..... His inability to live up to what he preaches (zero tolerance & rapprochement) is a serious defect in his pontificate. He has no compassion with victims of abuse & suspends good priests for not offering HC to unrepentant sinners, slaps excommunication order on a old man for supporting pre VII Catholic Doctrine & places interdicts on Catholic journalists who don't agreed with his agenda for the future of the CC. No-one with a different viewpoint from his is allowed to speak without being ostracized & now wants the msm to do his job for him as he hasn't the guts to carry out his own deeds. Catholic journalists must keep the pressure on at the highest level. With God on their side, how can they fail? PF is a Modernist & working for Soros. he is definitely NOT CATHOLIC.

Anonymous said...

It is a grand shame that Catholcs cannot read Randy Engle's excellent expose on the Vigano /Ninstadt relationship which was published in the Catholic Inquisitor BEFORE the Vigano press release.
If they did they would have a whole different spin on what is really happening right now.
CMtv opus dei's Voris .Burke and Morlino .Napa Valley's Napa Institute, all tied to Opus Dei and Vigano's hasty second press release on the heels of his first AFTER they realize there is a big hole in his story.
He DID squelch the Ninstadt investigation .They shared an office for five years.
He suddenly accuses the Borg of doing exactly the same thing he did?
Vigano's friend Ninestadt was notorious for homo predation of seminarians just like McCarrick!
On their long Vigano story Niles stated on CMtv Vigano halted the Ninestadt investigation because it was hindered by Canon Law. Next day Vigano states he never did stop the investigation and NYT mis stated. But the evidence is absolutely opposite.
All of this is based on an Opus Dei power grab for the Chair of Peter.
OD covered up homo heresies in their own ranks. Two sides of the same coin fighting for power and control.
AM Church stinks to high heaven.

Kathleen1031 said...

and Michael, he's not Latino, he's 100% Italian. His parents were 100% Italian. He was born in Italy I believe. This is nothing but diversion and the most divisive, ugly kind. He has fomented racial division. He has chosen to cause racial animosity within the flock in order to divert attention from the monsters that are his own enablers. He rightly knows his house of cards will fall as it should. Thankfully, the race card has been played so often and so ridiculously it does not hold the energy it once did, not at all, but he played it with disregard. That's how desperate these men are, and how they prove to us they care nothing, indeed, have animosity toward the flock.

Brendan Bradley said...

'Stupich'is grasping at straws. Good. If this is all he can come up with, he is in retreat, scratching around in the dirt for answers which aren't there and never were there except in the dung heaps of post conci[liar] modernism which like some pestilential miasma seeped through the open windows of the Vatican courtesy of Pope John 23rd. No point closing them now or dawning hazmat suits, Francis. The place will have to be thoroughly exorcised of its demons who will fight and scream the place down until they are finally silenced by the immortal Words of the Old Latin Rite ringing through St Peter's and out its doors to the World - "Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta: ab homine iniquo et doloso erue me."

Dan said...

Something tells me that all these guys like Cupich and Francis know eachother.... in the biblical sense!

Anonymous said...

You expect this apostate who holds the most powerful position on earth to quit? Come,come. The liberals still need him to make Paul VI a saint, and further confuse and pollute the youths in January 2019's WYD. The devil, the satanists, the Freemasons, the Communists, the Lavender mafia and the Italian mafia will protect him.

tuleesh said...

@Kathleen1031 11:1PM
Exactly! When all else fails, play the race card, the "immigration" card, the "climate change" card... Or whatever other card. Leftists have got a whole deck to play.

Anonymous said...

He is none to bright if that is the best he can come up with. And the outcry against Weurl is racism too?

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Ana,
"PF is a Modernist & working for Soros. he is definitely NOT CATHOLIC."
You are absolutely correct. He is an heretic who refutes the existence of hell - thereby refuting three Catholic dogmas in one sentence. The Church teaches that public heretics are automatically excommunicated by Divine law. Do you deny any of this? I am sure you do not! So why do you persist in calling him Pope (formaliter) Francis?

I have expressed my great admiration for your "guts" and zeal many times, but I will never understand your determination, which flies in the face of logic and Catholic Doctrine, to recognize the false new world order (novus ordo) church as the Catholic Church; your insistence upon calling apostates Prelates.

Can you explain to me why you and so many others, still refute plain unadulterated Catholicism, i.e. sedevacantism, in light of the plethora of evidence that this is the only tenable position for Catholics to hold, under the present circumstances?

Anonymous said...

Peter Lamb, The cognitive dissonance is on full display w/the Ave Maria University statement. They say they follow the Pope and Catholics say, “You’re not Catholic then! We won’t send our children!” HELLO, people, does anyone see something inherently wrong with this picture? The most traditional Catholics with theology degrees want to FIRE the Pope, as if he is is just the boss. Some Catholics say we shouldn’t even have a Pope anymore, it was a bad idea to begin with. On AKA Catholic comments, a traditional Priest who claims to have a PhD says that Benedict XVI is LYING for the COMMON GOOD so he is a hero. A sin is good because it’s for the common good, yeah that’s not Catholic, smh. I’m watching the full disintegration of the Catholic intellect and it is alarming. I’m alarmed.

Anonymous said...

What I read about cognitive dissonance and holding 2 opposing view points is that the person experiences confusion and suffers an impairment to logical decision making. It's similar to having a mental instability, but the roots are external, not an internal imbalance or trauma.

As a result the ability to take proper, logical and immediate action is affected. Sounds like a good way to describe "diabolical disorientation" and the attempt to rationalize what was once evil is now magically good. How do we sound a wake up call to get catholics out of their mental miasma and to think clearly?

One more thing on the Racist label ...any attempt to intimidate concerned voices into silence is evil and repulsive. Do men like Cupich think that they are infallible, or immune from lawful prosecution and the Last Judgement? How do any of them dare to perform a consecration?

Tom A. said...

Peter, there's an article on Remnant site basically rehasing Gallicanism and blaming Pope Pius IX. The more the conciliar "clergy" drift from Catholic dogma, the crazier the theories get to keep a heretic on the Chair.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Tom, The vast majority of "Catholics" today do not know Catholic doctrine. After 50 years of judeo-masonic onslaught against the Faith, they have been so protestantized that they are in fact protestants.