Monday, 30 July 2018

Episcopal Sodomy: Exposing the Enablers

Episcopal Sodomy: Exposing the Enablers: The first in series of special reports


Anonymous said...

Brian said...

Exposing the enablers? Not going to happen. The enablers are in charge. They will shuffle the deck and give you card that they want you to have. The gay foxes are in control. They will not betray their "fraters". When priests and bishops, in the know, summon up the courage to come forward then maybe some progress will be made. Don't forget that the enablers have, in Rome, a powerful ally who is a true crocodilus modernismus and has said: "Who am I to judge?"

Anonymous said...

O'Malley has some strange "friends."Bishop Deeley of Portland Maine was consecrated by Cardinal O'Malley, Bishop Robert Evans and wait for it - Bishop John Clayton Nienstedt, the ex Bishop of Menneapolis who resigned.

The Vatican announced on June 15, 2015, that Pope Francis had accepted Nienstedt's resignation along with that of Auxiliary Bishop Lee A. Piché, both of whom cited in their resignations the provision of canon law that allows a bishop to resign when some "grave reason" makes it impossible to continue to fulfill his duties. Nienstedt issued a statement that said he resigned "with a clear conscience knowing that my team and I have put in place solid protocols to ensure the protection of minors and vulnerable adults." Pope Francis named Bernard Hebda, Coadjutor Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark, to serve as the Archdiocese's Apostolic Administrator; Coadjutor Archbishop Hebda was named the permanent Archbishop-designate of Saint Paul and Minneapolis on Holy Thursday, 2016, and was installed on Friday, May 13, 2016.[35][36] The resignations followed the announcement on June 5 that a Minnesota prosecutor was bringing criminal charges and initiating a civil suit against the archdiocese for failing to protect children from sexual abuse.[37]
After resignation

After he resigned his position in Minnesota, Nienstedt returned to Michigan, where he has a home on Lake Huron.[38] In 2016, he served briefly as substitute priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kalamazoo,[39] but quit after only a week due to objections from local parishioners in Battle Creek.[40][41] He moved again in 2016 to Napa Valley, California.[42]

In July 2016, documents related to the investigation by the diocese into Nienstedt were released.[43][44] He retains his status as an archbishop.[45]

Did the Vatican halt an investigation into former Twin Cities Archbishop Nienstedt?
God bless

Kathleen1031 said...

In around 1985 in our parish in RI our pastor was arrested for misappropriation of funds or some similar charge. The young priest who ran the youth ministry and the AIDS ministry was an unfriendly priest whom I approached once and asked if I could speak to one of the priests and believe me, he couldn't have cared less.
These men tend to be the dissenters from Catholicism, and the spenders. It takes lots of loot to live well and afford cabana boys, and in the meantime, they don't have what it takes to be spiritual fathers or any other kind of father. Our son was a teenage lector and he and his friends were told by the pastor before being one of the 12 chosen for the washing of the feet to "make sure you wash your g--d--n feet". My son left Catholicism for a Pentecostal church. Hey thanks Father!
We knew there was something very sinister going on in our entire church. Now we know better the nature of it.
We all deserve answers. I cannot adequately describe how fed up we are with this entire mess. If they don't answer questions and laicizing these homosexual predators, well all I can say is we have no intention of being part of a Sodomite Communist Church. We're sick of their stinking sodomy, their boy's club, their Marxist activism, their Islam love affair.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen , I can relate having been on the hate filled receiving end of a plethora of sodomite pastors. One was sentenced to community service in another state by a judge , one was found dead on the floor of his kitchen due to AIDS when the police finally went to arrest him after five suicided victims of his sadistic sodomite rapes ( one boy killed himself at ten years of age), one left to live with male adult porn star lover after settlements were paid to his victims,another is still wanted by the FBI and finally our hx cross dressing pastor is now a Bishop's secretary in another Diocese. if it were not for Randy Engel I would have thought I was going crazy for the past thirty years.As it was we decided that Satan had it in for us. But No, he has been busy destroying the institutional Church.
We pray our Rosaries and read the Scriptures patiently waiting for out merciful God to act because he will not be mocked forever. I am so thankful the Faithful are now waking up en masse.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Praying is necessary but not sufficient. No more can we wait for we must let God act through us. I have suggested a course of action that can be taken

There may well be other courses of action. Whatever, let's get moving NOW. We've delayed far too long.

TLM said...

I agree Restore-DC-Catholcism! It's time for the laity to protest en mass! We cannot sit back and wait for the Lord God to act 'on His own'.....WE have to be His hands and feet and mouths!

Michael Dowd said...

I will be very surprised if anything much comes from this latest scandal. Now if there were some way to have a grand jury investigation of the Catholic Church's homosexual problem that might be different. Unfortunately there is nothing civilly illegal consensual sodomy. And, after all, the Papacy has known and done nothing much about it in the last 50 years. Seminaries even recruited homosexuals and rejected straight men.

Anonymous said...

The latest today on CMtv is that Cdl Farrel as an LC donned pajamas and had a pillow fight with other priests to entertain the sick sicko Fr Maciel. Oh sure, he had NO IDEA McCarrick was a hx pederast too even though he lived with him for six years!!!
An FYI.......Wuerl would always fly down to Ave Maria pizza man's estate to Bapitize his grandchildren and dine with Maciel when he also visited the mansion.
They all knew and know who is who in their sodomite circles.

Kathleen1031 said...

Anonymous, what a nightmare, and as bad as it has been for much of the laity, it all pales in comparison to one boy's life cut short. When I think of the lives ruined, I can hardly stand it.

Michael, you very well could be correct, nothing will come of it. They will close ranks, express shock and outrage, none of it real, and sweep it all under the rug. The change is going to have to come from the laity, and there are only two weapons, non-attendance and non-contributing. That's it, that's all we've got. Now people will say oh, you can't do that! But let's look at what we've got. We are supporting members of a church that has gone over to Satan for the most part. We cannot even say we have a schism, these sly foxes are too cowardly even for that, afraid the money will dry up perhaps. Nope, they are going to hang together. Back in the day that may have been correct thinking, that we can't pull attendance and support, and I do realize what I am saying. What I am proposing is, this is our only really effective weapon, and maybe even that will have no effect. But other than that, we've got nothing! And they know it. They hold all the cards.

A mass agreement, no attendance, no offertory, a coordinated "strike", across the nation, and a lay group with demands.

Zero tolerance for sexual abuse of minors or seminarians.
Zero tolerance for sexual activity between clergy and anybody or anything.
Zero tolerance for homosexual inklings at the seminary level, where it all begins. A lay board to be at the rectory level to monitor.
One strike on any, you're out.

If we are not this serious and there is this level of involvement, we are just going to lose more Catholics, because, we love our Catholic faith, and have attended Holy Mass every week for decades, but we are about ready to walk. This is flat out not going to be an acceptable situation for faithful Catholics, we are not going to be part of a Sodomite Communist Church, and we are not going to support it. We have reached the bridge too far. Now people can say oh, leave the church, never, but let's be real, this is so far beyond an acceptable situation, and if I must attend a church that winks at boys being raped and sodomized, then I would rather stay home and read scripture. If we saw the devastation of a life, the corruption and the effects on just one boy or young man, we would do anything at all to stop it. This I believe. The church is FILLED with men who are doing this or dreaming about it. No. It has to stop, or Catholics are going to walk away. This has to be on the table, or we have absolutely no ability to hold these men accountable. And things are going to get even worse.

Tom A. said...

The problem with the church is not sodomite clergy. The real enemy is modernism.

Anonymous said...

Tom A, tell that to the child and his parents whose Faith, body and mental stability have all been shattered.
Hate to tell you but there are clerical abusers in Traditionalist groups too.

Mr Dowd is correct. I just see more committees and more charters ( like the Dallas charter which conveniently omits Bishops from
the list) and more panels to study the problem.
Mr Dowd is also correct when he previously stated the Church needs to go back to it's pre Constantine roots.( pre temporal and political power) He said His Kingdom was not of this earth.

Sorry but Trent was not the high point in the Church.
Please show me from the Scriptures where Jesus instructed his Apostles to become Princes and temporal rulers.

Michael Dowd said...

Katherine1031. Basically agree. I've cut back 75% on contributions and may go further. Non attendance at Mass is not an option for me---yet. The Catholic Church is quickly becoming another Protestant denomination and will significantly lose membership as older folks like me die off and youth show little interest in religion. The Church will go bankrupt I think because of all the lawsuits, the huge debt, and lack of members. After bankruptcy there should be a chance for recovery. We need a materially poor and politically powerless Church in order to have spiritual credibility.

Michael Dowd said...

Tom A. Yes bad thinking coupled with bad acting.

orate fratman said...

Tom, there is a great deal of logic in what you say, and it should be seriously considered.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Tom A.
Why do you think this?
I suggest that rejecting Church teaching leads to both. If I can do sodomy and pedophilia (as well as marital infidelity and contraception) without repentance, and be a Catholic, or if I can reject any part of Church doctrine and remain a Catholic (both are an impossibility in the mind of an informed, rational person and a Catholic), then I am a problem for the Church.

If I am a priest or cardinal who rejects Church doctrine and leads an unrepentant sinful life, I am a actively destroying the Church. I am denying the doctrine, because I wish to continue in my sin, and for this I expect the applause of the world, as I am humble, non-judgmental and more enlightened and merciful than God Himself.

These sodomites DO NOT present a rational argument against natural law or for the presumed virtues of hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance.

Therefore the problem is really sodomy. These sexual perverts and predators change the doctrine while denying that they are doing it in self-serving fashion.

Anonymous said...

In 2003 I rec'd a copy of a notarized document from Alice von Hildebrand's friend .In it the couple who heard Bella Dodd speak testified to what they heard and had it notarized. a post it note was syuck on the document which said "Alice wants you to know these communist party members Dodd placed on assignment in the seminaries were homosexuals."
Many Catholics refused to believe it. I am thankful she finally did an interview in which she restates what was
sent to me.
If anyone believes that these clerics or their progeny had the Proper Intention to receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders , I'm sorry , they are delusional.

Kathleen1031 said...

Modernism does not rape a boy.

This is really intolerable.
It will be unacceptable for this to continue. It has been my opinion only divine intervention can do anything about this. We see the breadth and depth of the problem now, and it is far worse than we ever imagined. My God, they are Legion.
They are about to hold a farce, a "Youth Synod", all obviously based on phony requests from teens to include more for LGBT issues. This has all grown so exponentially worse and frankly, dealing with all this is a scandal and a constant source of aggravation. My husband and I don't want to support IN ANY WAY homosexual predators, Masons, Communists, or whatever else these men are. This youth synod is a horrible joke, and what kind of parent would send their child to it.
A few years ago I strongly encouraged my nephew, whose father was absent from the home, to be an altar server. I cannot express how grateful I am he refused to do it! I cannot imagine what I would be doing and feeling had one of these predators touched my precious nephew, knowing that I had encouraged him and facilitated his involvement with the church. I would be driving a bulldozer through that church today. I cannot be part of this, I just can't. We should do whatever we can to protect vulnerable boys and young men. If this church is now so diabolical and perverted it refuses to do that, they cannot have either my money or my time. It would cause a personal scandal to ME to continue if that is the case. Homosexual predators destroy lives, they are monsters, and what kind of church allows them free rein to new victims. Only the Church of Satan.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Kathleen 1031 !

As far as the "enablers: are concerned I read posts under the CMtv videos on the topic wherein people are mentioning who they believe to be a good Bishop .
Not a single one is good or "solid" as long as they do not break ranks and challenge the Hierarchical status quo of staying silent. The same goes for seminarians,priests, Cardinals etc.
To not come out boldly and publicly and renounce the truth of the evil within behind the scenes is to be complicit even if it means being sanctioned by these walking devils. To stay silent otherwise means your vocation to spread God's Truth is a lie.

Anonymous said...

Before Solange Hertz suffered a stroke she called me. We missed each other at a lunch we were supposed to meet at in VA. This was in the early 2000s and she had just finished extensive research into all of Melanie Calvat's correspondence that was still available in France. She said she wanted me to know that everything in that little booklet with the Impramatur given by the Bishop of Lecce ,Italy was also repeated in her earlier correspondence to friends and clergy alike.
"Rome will become a seat of the Anti Christ."
RIP dear Solange.

Tom A. said...

Modernism is the disease that basically disarmed the Churches ability to combat the sodomites that were infiltrating the Church and have since raped all the boys. Yes, sodomy was not just invented in the 20th Century and the Church has been combatting this scourge from day one. But modernism brings with it a subjective relativism which disarms those who rightly insist the Church comdemns this abomination. Modernism, as someone mentioned, has nothing to do with princes and Trent. Its a heresy that destroys all dogmas and faith itself. A sodomitic clergy is simply a symptom and natural result of a clergy that has lost its moral way. Since V2, the Church explicitly refused to issue condemnations and now all is permissible except Tradition. Do not for a moment expect the modernists to clean up their own mess. They will reshuffle rhe deck a bit and parade in front of us a few sacrificial scapegoats, but nothing will change till V2 is tossed into the trashcan and the Novus Ordo is expunged from Church memory. These twin apostasies and the manifest vehicles whereby the modernists destroy the Catholic Faith.

Michael Dowd said...

Anonymous said...Before Solange Hertz

Book of Revelation also says Rome will become seat of the Anti Christ. Wonder how soon?

NBW said...

This is unacceptable! I wish there were an easier way to fire these terrible leaders. It angers me to know these bastards are in power and will use their power to remove or discredit good, hard working priests. I hope God hears our prayers and removes these filthy sodomites before they further damage the Church.

Michael Dowd said...

Tom A. Here's a good article on the failure of Vatican II.