Saturday, 10 December 2016

Vatican under a "reign of terror" and virtual "martial law!" Where is mercy? Where is dialogue? Where is "encounter?"

Edward Pentin is arguably the most credible professional journalist in the world today reporting on the Catholic Church.

What he is reporting cannot be easy for him. No more easy than for me to write what I do. How it is heartbreaking and pains me to see what is happening to the Church of Christ under this Bergoglio and the rotten, filthy, malefactors surrounding him. His culpability in all of this can no longer be denied. The affirmation of heresy and sacrilege in Buenos Aires and the Vicar of Rome's affirmation of the most liberal interpretation of Amoris Laetitia prove that Bergoglio is promulgating error, sacrilege and heresy.

People who follow Bergoglio in this will have set their face against Christ.

I shall not.

There are good men in the Vatican and the episcopacy and their chanceries. They must find the courage to rise up and defend the faith against these malefactors. The time has come.

Pentin discloses, from credible contacts in Rome, the "reign of terror" now existing.

Jorge Bergoglio has boxed himself into a corner. It is his doing and it will be his undoing.

"No," means he must withdraw Amoris Laetitia or amend it.

"Yes," means he declare himself a heretic.

He has set his face against Christ on the matter of adultery.

God forbid it that any of us follow him where he is going.


"The Pope’s reaction, of going so far as to question the cardinals’ mental state, has been read as a manifestation of his own anger at having his agenda taken off course. And instead of taking the four cardinals at their word (they have said they are acting primarily out of charity towards the Holy Father, justice and deep pastoral concern), they are seen as adversaries. I understand he has also been working behind the scenes to ensure his agenda is not thwarted.  ...
"Lastly, it’s important to point out that simply by matching facts with words coming from the Pope and his allies, it’s clear there is significant lying and deceit taking place, as well as calumnies and the besmirching of reputations of those labeled to be “on the right” just because they are publicly critical of Amoris Laetitia, or merely report on such criticism. ...

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Oakes Spalding said...

Pentin's specific claims are of course significant.

But also significant is the fact that Pentin was not afraid to go public with his claims. One of the most respected journalists covering the Church now believes that publicly asserting that there is a "reign of terror" in the Vatican will not undermine his credibility or burn his sources. That's a big story in and of itself.

Ana Milan said...

It is good to hear that PF is still boiling with rage & making life very difficult for those reporting to him. It will hasten what has to be done - his removal from the Papal Office. The formal correction should now be issued. Even his supporters must see the game is up as no matter what way he replies he loses out, & if he doesn't respond he also will lose as he will be viewed as a malefactor.

The sooner the medicine is applied the quicker the recovery.

TLM said...

Absolutely it's a 'big story' Oaks! Our Dear Lord is pulling back the veil more and more for us to see the slime of Satan that is oozing out of the Vatican. Even those Catholics who defended him when he was clearly indefensible are recognizing the farce that is this Papacy.

Anonymous said...

I watched my wife descend into adultery, not really too slowly and saw the destruction she willing orchestrated together with her lover and the continuing behaviors they undertook to justify it.

People committed to their personal sins do not repent, overwhelmingly. They continue their quest regardless of the harm they do or the cost to their victims.

This is how sin works.

Sorry, but repentance is the exception, not the rule and the Catholic Church as an institution is overwhelmingly responsible for this, especially regarding adultery, divorce, remarriage and the "justification" for all that these terribly destructive behaviors yield through long standing pastoral practices that funnel wounded marriages into the completely unjustified and corrupt annulment mills, and whose main "tool" is the unjustifiable, mortally sinful, "brother and sister" accomodation that justifies all of it.

Cardinal BURKE was part of this corruption, intentionally and knowingly.


If the Church does not do all of this, this unjustly divorced husband and father wants to see the Church outlawed and the clergy completely executed to the last man, even those that I retained some respect for. The damage done to innocent spouses and children is catastrophic beyond imagination.


Michael Dowd said...

Pope Francis has become the new Nero fiddling while the Church falls apart, verbally burning orthodox Cardinals and Bishops, and madly ranting at all who oppose him.

Hopefully, he will change his ways or be deposed in 2017, the 100 anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima.

Anonymous said...

Every true Catholic needs speak up, call a spade a spade. Bergoglio is a demon and we must pray hard for this wicked man to repent and correct his errors before he stands in front of the lord to be judged...

Not My Pope said...

Dear poop Francis,

Lying is a sin. So is calumny. To calumniate against Bishops just might be a mortal sin. I would do an about face if I were you.

Anil Wang said...

The Pope hasn't been cornered, he's just waiting for the other shoe to drop. His original plan was to slowly replace all Orthodox people in power with liberals and pacify the moderates until he is firmly in control. But there was more push back than he expected, even among those who were expelled. So he's off to plan B. If the 4 cardinals do nothing he'll speed up since he'll think he has won. If the correction is only backed by a few bishops, he'll clarify that he's "exploring pastoral solutions" and not defining doctrine. If there is wide spread revolt, he might go full Henry the Eighth clean house of all who won't get with the program and ensure a young 50 year old Bergolian is the next Pope so his legacy is secure. What happens the is anyone's guess.

DJR said...

Anil Wang said... If there is wide spread revolt, he might go full Henry the Eighth clean house of all who won't get with the program and ensure a young 50 year old Bergoglian is the next Pope so his legacy is secure. What happens then is anyone's guess.

This is certainly a possible scenario.

But there's these three Persons we call "God," and, well, those three Persons just might have an opinion on the matter.

This will proceed only to the extent the Holy Trinity permits, and then it's "Game over, man."

Jack said...

Dear Karl,

I agree with you completely that what the Church has allowed to happen to you is disgusting and thoroughly unjust. It is disgraceful that such a scandalous woman should remain in the Catholic communion. You have a right to be justly angry. However, as unjustly as you have been treated by Church prelates, I beg you not to turn your wrath to the Catholic Church herself, which in her heart wishes to bestow grace upon you and bring you to eternal life. You cannot let your wrath consume you. You have to bear this injustice, this humiliation, and this pain as a cross, and have the faith that Christ will reward you in eternity for every great & little sacrifice you make. God will avenge you in due time. Do not follow your wife into hell.

Anonymous said...

Jack I Collinson,

I hear of the same injustices going on time after time after time after time, to countless others.

A marital vow means nothing. A contract/covenant, whatever you want to call it can be voided by six corrupted judges 30 years and countless children down the damn road!!!! And legally a bilateral agreement can be unilaterally ended, then if you want to fight, you can watch the lawyers take everything you built up for your children and your retirement and the judge give the rest to an adulterer, along with your children.

NO,no,no,no no!

This is bull shit and I am damn tired of it.

If my anger results in judgment against me, by God, after all of this, than, so be it!

Then, mercy was a joke ab initio!


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...


a great injustice was inflicted upon you and your children.

I know a man, whose brother lives with his wife, and plays father to his children. My own brother's wife took their children to a different country, where she likes playing fifty shades of grey with a much older man, whom my brother considered a friend of the family long ago.

There are many like you.

Forgive me, I say it out of compassion: It can't be undone.
If you asked God to help you let go off this anger, He would, and then, maybe you could offer this suffering for the salvation of someone you love. It helps to believe that our suffering is not in vain.

Forgive me. I know I said it before, and I promise not to say it again.

Dan said...

Michael said "Pope Francis has become the new Nero fiddling while the Church falls apart.."

Actually, this poop is actively lighting the fires that are burning the Church down. He wants to be the "Kim Kardashian of the Vatican" and doesn't care about the damage to the Church so long as the world loves him and he is the center of attention.

Anonymous said...


I am not at all taken aback by your comments. I am so sorry for your brother.

If God cannot forgive a person who hates God for allowing such ongoing injustice, then let God and curse God!


Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

I'm delighted that Edward Pentin is reporting what needs to be reported. Allegedly on receiving notification of the serving of the 5 dubias, Francis was allegedly "boiling with rage".
Is "boiling with rage" the suitable demeanour of a man with the responsibility of stewardship of the office of Pope? Really? I would have thought that a Pontiff would be "boiling with rage" at the extermination through abortion of 56 unborn human lives since 1973. 56 million innocent lives slaughtered is something which Bergoglio should be boiling with rage about!

The charlatan that is Bergoglio is a busted flush at this point.
What is of interest is the inertia of the college of cardinals and the near muteness of Benedict. You see for me the cancer is far wider than Bergoglio. Instead of judging people what they say (or don't say), judge them instead by what they do (or don't do).

The vast majority of the college of cardinals by remaining schtum give succour to the Charlatan. What are these clowns afraid of that they can't stand up and tell Bergoglio to hisface that he is a Charlatan? Are they compromised? How are they compromised? Are they adulterers? Paedophiles? What have they done that they can't/won't depose the Charlatan? This is the problem. Bergoglio is yesterday news now, zero credibility. Like Hillary Clinton.

The cancer subsists now with the college of cardinals. This is where the real problem exists. When these clowns realise what way the wind is blowing some of them will come out and proclaim "we were against Bergoglio all along". No, you weren't. If you were you'd have publicly supported the dubia. You didn't. Keep an eye on these cardinals. Contact your local bishop, faithful Catholics. Tell him that you oppose Bergoglio and your regional cardinal who is remaining schtum.

Anonymous said...

The very mindset of many people actually corrupted after the revolutionary events (French Revolution,second Vatican council).Few conservative men can't even stand against the hordes of revolutionary.


In the end the Immaculate Heart will triumph.

Anonymous said...


I love it. Just looked it up. I sure thought it was Yiddish, but NOPE!

The UK'ers get the credit. Muy bien, hecho!!!!!

"Contact your local bishop, faithful Catholics. Tell him that you oppose Bergoglio and your regional cardinal who is remaining schtum."

My local bishop IS a Cardinal and he most certainly is SCHTUM! He is a SCHANDA!(Disgrace in Yiddish). Pssssst, Don't say it too loud....
I am from downstate New York!!!! Keep it on the QT, ok?


Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy
Schtum is a commonly used word, Karl.

And I'm Irish btw.