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A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 13 December 2016

To our readers in Spain - Is this true? Did the Archbishop of Compostela ordain two active sodomites - a "couple" to the priesthood?


Computer translation:

That morning in Santiago de Compostela would not remain indifferent to the clergy and the faithful of the Galician capital. The rain could be glimpsed behind the windows of the episcopal palace would not be able to clean the grave offense that deliberately Bishop would practice against their own Church.

At late afternoon, in one of the most spectacular and most visited cathedrals in the world, six men were to be ordained priests for eternity by Archbishop Julian Barrio.

The rule is not new, and Archbishop Barrio not know, but chose to ignore the doctrine so often exposed and as often collected by the tradition of the Church, and ordained priests, priests of the Catholic Church, two people they had expressed publicly as gay, and also had been presented to the membership as a couple.

Not only knew Don Julian, but one of his assistants had been a few days before having dinner at home ordination of the artist couple. The management of these two priests, whose identity we will not make public for obvious reasons, caused a huge upset between compostelano clergy, who can not understand how their archbishop "imposes heavy burdens on others," he dodges.

The Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela, Julián Barrio, on a tightrope.

The issue, well known by the curia, has already reached the ears of the Congregation for the Clergy Vatican, which is studying the matter, and could lead to Barrio his early resignation of Compostela Archdiocese, as it happens, by a similar, his partner in the episcopate Manuel Urena section of the archbishopric of Zaragoza after a scandal with a deacon matter.

It is not the first scandal in which Archbishop Barrio is involved. InfoVaticana two years ago revealed the existence of several books in which the electrician author of Codex Calixtinus stolen recounted sexual encounters with members of the Cabildo seminarians and pilgrims.

Doctrine of several popes

This episode, which has been ignored by church authorities Galician, is particularly serious in the light of recently published by Francisco document, recalling that "homosexual persons can not be admitted to holy orders"

In particular has been the Congregation for the Clergy, expressly aprobacioón Francisco, which has published the document  The Gift of the priestly vocation - Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis, on the formation of priests (L ea-here-el-Don- de-la-vocation-priestly ).

"It would be gravely imprudent to admit the sacrament of Holy Orders to a seminarian who had not matured a serene and free, faithful affection in celibate chastity, through the exercise of human and priestly virtues, understood as openness to the action of grace and not only as an effort of the will, "he stated in the document.


J said...

Vox, I think that you should cite Infovaticana instead of NovusOrdoWatch. First because NOW ives the link, and second because Infovaticana is more reliable. That is why I think the thing is true.

Ana Milan said...

Unfortunately this report appears to be valid. Since the Granada affair I have always felt there must be more in the pipeline as, up to then, Spain seemed to be in good standing. Of course, given the corruption & stench coming from the CC to-day that was too much to hope for.

I have tweeted @pontifex to ask PF to pronounce on this scandal, as they have actually gone against (within days) his instruction regarding the non-admission of homosexuals to the priesthood.

Dan said...

Ana, what the p*pe said is sooooo yesterday. I'm sure he isn't so rigid as to think that today.

Anonymous said...

Everything that comes out of the Vatican recently is contradictory.It was recently stated that homosexual men are barred from the Priesthood ,quickly followed by a article that transitory homosexual men can join seminaries .http://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/vatican-oks-transitory-gay-seminarians

Anonymous said...


Jaybee said...

Why would not this article publish the names of the two priests involved? It seems to have been a public ordination ceremony, approved by the bishop, and (lacking one glaring oddity) all according to proper form. There are no children to protect. It would be common practice to publish names of such celebrations, not hide them? Therefore I doubt the authenticity of this report, until someone closer might verify.

Anonymous said...

Vox, just doing some googling in Spanish and I cam across a response from the archdiocese here http://www.archicompostela.es/comunicado-la-secretaria-medios-relacion-escrito-infovaticana

Ordinations are usually big deals an there is a lot of publicity associated with it. I did some searching in there online publication and the only ordinations I could find were done in July, two priests not six. So either they have removed all publications concerning the event, which I think unlikely, or maybe this refers to something in the past, or this is fake news?