Thursday, 22 December 2016

Cardinal Burke speaks of "heresy" and a how a pope would places himself in "schism"

In a carefully worded and very precise series of statements to Catholic World Report, Raymond Cardinal Burke has outlined, hypothetically, what would happen should a pope teach heresy.

He refers to the last time such a situation occurred was under John XXII in the thirteenth century and backs up with scripture, the right of a bishop or cardinal to correct a pope, citing Paul's rebuke of Peter in Galatians.

Catholic World Report

CWR: Bishop Athanasius Schneider, O.R.C., the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana, Kazakhstan and titular bishop of Celerina, who has written an open letter of support for the four cardinals and their dubia, has also said that the Church is in a de facto schism. Do you agree with that?
 Cardinal Burke: There is a very serious division in the Church which has to be mended because it has to do with, as I said before, fundamental dogmatic and moral teaching. And if it’s not clarified soon, it could develop into a formal schism.
 CWR: Some people are saying that the pope could separate himself from communion with the Church. Can the pope legitimately be declared in schism or heresy?
 Cardinal Burke: If a Pope would formally profess heresy he would cease, by that act, to be the Pope. It’s automatic. And so, that could happen.
 CWR: That could happen.
 Cardinal Burke: Yes.

One could expect a new barrage of assaults from the minions surrounding Pope Francis. Let us keep Cardinal Burke and all faithful prelates in our prayers. 


Michael Dowd said...

I wonder what Cardinal Burke plans to do in the event Pope Francis becomes a heretic and he and his troops continue to soldier on with their heresies. My guess is that four Cardinals and a few stalwarts will be out there alone. The alternatives appear to be: SSPX or just sticking around and praying for the Pope's change of mind or his demise.

Ana Milan said...

I sense that the trickery & errors contained in AL & the dangerous situation of its implementation are beginning to slowly sink in. The CC is NOT the same as every other faith (religion). It is the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church which Jesus came on earth to found on the First Apostles & which their successors have, until VII, always taught that there is NO salvation outside of it. Schismatics & Heathens must come to accept that Jesus is the Messiah the Jews didn't, as a body of people, recognise; who was put to death & rose again as depicted in Scripture. He was NOT just a holy man that lived in those days but is, in fact, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity who was, is & ever will be God made Man.

Modernist Popes, Hierarchies & clergy simply iterate that faith (any faith) must ever evolve & progress to fit into the changing times. What they forget is that God never changes & time in His kingdom is for nought. The Ten Commandments are for ALL men for ALL time. There cannot be exceptions! No-one is qualified to change the Word of God, not even a Pope. God gave Holy Matrimony a special status as a Sacrament which schismatics have torn asunder in their effort to seem pleasing to mankind. They have not only degraded the marriage act but scorned its heavenly institution.

As Catholics we cannot sit back & watch any longer as our mainly Apostate Hierarchy have ceased to believe in God's omnipotence, preferring their own 'superior' intellects & power which their usurped status gives them. This has been going on for around two hundred years - it did NOT start with PF, but is now coming to the point where very serious decisions have to be taken in order to start the Restoration of the CC fully & decisively. It may well entail a gigantic split within the Catholic Community but better that than to continue down the road of perdition, as AL signals in its fullest interpretation.

The formal correction must come soonest. With our celebrations of the Birth of Christ we must all remember that with the pangs of birth comes new life - a life that our NWO leaders want to obliterate, even passing civil law to allow for those participating in & enabling abortion. The Fab Four must be fully supported in their efforts to flush out Satan from within the heart & soul of Christ's Church on earth. It is what He demands & expects us to do. As Our Lady has already stated, Satan's last stand will be against Marriage & the Family. After two Synods on the Family which never voted in favour of what AL contains & was written BEFORE those synods ever took place, concerning itself in the main with divorced & remarried without annulment persons & the LGBT agenda (SSM & gradualism), is it not time for everyone to wake-up to the fact that we are being forced to choose - Christ or perdition.

Kathleen1031 said...

Agreed Ana Milan. How interesting, really interesting. This is going to force the issue like nothing else has, so in one sense we may end up being grateful for this papacy! That seems impossible right now, but weirder things have happened, and we are in seriously weird times.
With 2017 on our doorstep, the Fatima prophesy, the growing fever pitch of these heretics and the faithful locked in battle, it seems impossible to imagine things are not going to come to a head, or at least take a turn somewhere. I suppose this could go on and on, but it's hard to imagine.