Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Jorge Bergoglio's women priests

“About rigidity and worldliness, it was some time ago that an elderly monsignor of the curia came to me, who works, a normal man, a good man, in love with Jesus – and he told me that he had gone to buy a couple of shirts at Euroclero [the clerical clothing store] and saw a young fellow – he thinks he had not more than 25 years, or a young priest or about to become a priest – before the mirror, with a cape, large, wide, velvet, with a silver chain. He then took the Saturno [wide-brimmed clerical headgear], he put it on and looked himself over. A rigid and worldly one. And that priest – he is wise, that monsignor, very wise – was able to overcome the pain, with a line of healthy humor and added: ‘And it is said that the Church does not allow women priests!’. Thus, does the work that the priest does when he becomes a functionary ends in the ridiculous, always.” Bergoglio of Rome

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Such charity.

Such mercy.

Such humility.

Such gossip.


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Pope Pius XII

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St. John XXIII

St. John Paul II

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Peter Lamb said...

Shucks! I didn't know mason Roncalli was a "saint"! I knew the convenor of Assisi was. Seems so unfair that sodomite mason Montini is only a "blessed"!

Tos said...

Giving John Paul of Unhappy Memory a spot here matters not to Pope Francis. There are heaps of other instances invovling liturgical abuse and immodesty with the imprudently canonized John Paul the Small. He would just point to all those instances as "mercy" and non-rigidity.

Vox Cantoris said...

Oh, that's coming Dr. Peter!

They "beatified" him last year just after Fr. Luigi Villa died.

Seems there was an old "miracle" from a decade or more. A baby was born even though there was no amniotic fluid in the uterus. You're a doctor, I've surely heard of this before, no?


Anonymous said...

Such nonsense.

Such mendacity.

Such ūüí©.

Dan said...

It would be a great sign of mercy for this p*pe to go ahead and beatify everyone both living and dead. So long as they recycle.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Whether or not we personally approves of what Pope Saint John Paul II did or did not do it is wildly wrong (material heresy) to try and claim he is not a Saint. The Church has spoken infallible on this when she canonised him.

And as for the charge that he was a bad administrator, there are other Saint Popes whose record was as abysmal when it come to church discipline/management

Anonymous said...

The sainthood of Wojtyla is scandalous to me.

He turned his back on our marriage.


Peter Lamb said...

Dear Amateur Brain Surgeon, "material" heresy means that one speaks heresy in ignorance of the fact that what one speaks, or does, is heretical. A material heretic is guiltless of sin. Wojtyla was a public, or notorius heretic and therefore guilty of grievous sin. He was not a formal Pope and certainly no saint. Being an excommunicant, he was not even a Catholic.