Saturday, 3 December 2016

Schismatic Patriarch applauds heretical statements of Pope

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VATICAN CITY – Knowing the debate surrounding Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation on the family, Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople said the document "first and foremost recalls the mercy and compassion of God and not just moral norms and canonical rules."
"In the past few months, numerous comments and evaluations of this important document have been made," the patriarch wrote Dec. 2 in L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper.

"People have asked how specific doctrine has been developed or defended or if pastoral questions have been modified or resolved and if particular norms have been strengthened or mitigated," he said.
"Whether it regards the challenges of marriage and divorce or sexuality or raising children," he said, the matters treated in the document "are all delicate and precious fragments of that sacred mystery we call life."

For too long, he said, people were "suffocated and blocked" from reaching out to God for forgiveness and strength by the notion of a "heavenly Father who in some way dictated human conduct."
"Religious leaders are called to remind themselves and then others that God is life and love and light," he wrote. "In fact, these are the words repeatedly underlined by Pope Francis in his document, which discerns the experience and challenges of contemporary society with a view toward describing a spirituality of marriage and the family for today's world."

The patriarch said it was no accident that the pope's letter, Amoris Laetitia ("The Joy of Love"), was released in April, about the time he and the pope went to the Greek island of Lesbos to meet with refugees.

"In fact, what was immediately clear to both of us while we looked at the sad faces of the victims wounded by war was that all of these people were members of families, families split and torn apart by the hostilities and violence," the patriarch wrote.

The pope's document, he said, touches the experience of those families and of all families because it speaks of God and "when we speak of God, the descriptive language we use is that of love."

Patriarch Bartholomew said Pope Francis, like the early fathers of the church, did not shy away from sensitive questions, but "their point of departure always is the loving and saving grace of God, which shines on every person without discrimination or disgust."


Vox Consolatoris said...

Great title! Yup...

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Jesus said: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Now the Patriarch becomes creative, and states: God is life and love and light.

Life remains untouched.
Truth is gone.
Way is gone.

Truth is now... illumination. For, if you are an allegedly illuminated freemason. your claim is that doctrines divide, moral laws create disunity between light and darkness.

Way is now... love. For discrimination between truth an falsehood, and choosing the true, excludes the false. The false may feel offended or even persecuted. The false was born this way. Freemasons include everything, and this is why we don't persecute paedophiles. After all, we don't choose, what we are attracted to, which must mean that we have to love it. (We all know, what paedophiles mean by love.)

Lucifer, the alleged Light-bearer was discriminated against by God. Naturally, he felt unloved.

This is when Bergoglio and the Patriarch decided to step in. They inserted love, where God failed evil by judging it harshly.

JayBee said...

We don't have a "heavenly Father who in some way dictates human conduct."

Thank goodness! We all know nobody may dictate human conduct except the State, the UN, and the Open Society Foundation.

Anonymous said...

Only a heretic will support such Hersey .

Eirene said...

I am extremely surprised that the Patriarch would "interfere" in this way re. AL! Is he trying to create trouble? He should stay out of it and mind his own business. There enough confusion without a stranger putting in his two bobs' worth. Get back to your prayers Patriarch and leave heart-broken Catholics to sort out their own mess. This out of control Francis certainly does not require validation from you! Nothing to do with you!

XXXXXXX said...

Well of course the Patriarch is going to approve AL. The Eastern Orthodox, as a matter of policy, allow Holy Communion to be given to adulterers, since they allow TWO divorces and remarriages for couples. Bergolio is simply going the route of the schismatic Eastern Orthodox.

~M. Ray

Michelle said...

Now we can actually see the goal of AL, union with the Orthodox Church on the business of marriage. Woo hoo can't wait for my second and third marriage because of the hardness of my heart.

Anonymous said...

Thank God we place our trust in Jesus and not these stupid dimwits, not only do they insult our intelligence but they are a danger to all humanity! What a moron this C Jorge has turned out to be and as for his fan club ....well what can one say other than their time will come to pass and they will be answerable to God alone.. Not man, not even popes who are in heaven but to Christ himself for he is the way, the light and the life and no one can get to the father unless it is through him, which stands in total contrast to the gospel of C Jorge and clowns: Praying that the almighty lord will soon give us a good and Holy Pope.

Anonymous said...

Very astute observations. The last time I looked, God ***dictated*** ten rules for all mankind.
That's why they're called the Ten Commandments NOT the Ten Suggestions.

Anil Wang said...

No surprise. Ceseropapism places the political needs of man over the will of God. This is post schism Orthodoxy and liberal Catholicism at its most pure.

Kathleen1031 said...

Who asked him.
This is just more secularism, or humanism. These men don't reflect the Gospel, they have rejected it for more contemporary values. It is so glaringly obvious in their words, which always sound so generic. There's nothing that rings of Truth in these statements, they say nothing, as they often today speak of the "Spirit" but not "the Holy Spirit". We know what spirit these men intend to conjure.
MYOB Patriarch, we've got enough problems.

Anonymous said...

He is Orthodox! About marriage, who would expect anything orthodox from him?

Not me!

I once spoke with a Greek Orthodox priest who told me(before it happened) that my wife would, likely, eventually gravitate to a Byzantine Rite parish, where he was pretty certain she would find a "sympathetic" priest, who would support her in her new relationship. To his credit, this priest did not agree with what my wife had done and was doing but he clearly indicated that there was sympathy among the Byzantines, for the ways of the Orthodox regarding divorce and remarriage.

He was right on the money. She remains very close to the pastor who supports her adultery, openly, and the Catholic Church hierarchy are in complete agreement.

I am the bad guy, not her adulterous partner!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! My sentiments exactly. M

Karl Rahner Jr. said...

That is an endorsement that speaks volumes, as it should be interpreted as an embarassment, since this heirarch leads a church that effectively approves of divorce and remarriage.

Anonymous said...

Antipope Francis and this so called patriarch leading many people to the path of destruction following footsteps of Lucifer their king