Thursday, 1 December 2016

Cardinal Kevin Farrell - Do you really believe the bile emanating from your mouth?

When Kenny Farrell, a newly minted Prince of FrancisChurch receives a critical Tweet, he responds as any teenage girl would, he blocks. Feel free to Tweet this to him. Feel free to tweet this to @Bishop_Farrell, or maybe I'll do it from my "sock puppet" account. after all, if an alleged priest by the name of Spadaro, who also blocks, can do it, why can't the rest of it. 

Cardinal Farrell is engaging in deception. He is quite frankly either a liar or just plain stupid.

He perpetuates the lie that before Francis Bergoglio all was bad, No Pope was ever humble. No Pope was every loved by the people. 

They keep spinning and spinning that myth and now they have been found out by more than just us nutty bloggers and Trads.

When George Weigel publicly calls out these "witless worms," then you know it's getting bad.

Farrell is as unqualified to be a Cardinal as he was to be a bishop. Can there be any doubt that these poseurs and frauds have lost the faith, if they ever had it? They have no supernatural faith, they are modernists and haters of Christ.

Hey Kenny.

Remember this?

Image result for john paul ii shot

How about this?

Image result for pius xii bomb rome
There was an awful lot of this airbrushing before and during the recent consistory for the creation of new cardinals. And I regret to note that one striking example of it came in a Catholic News Service video-interview with Cardinal Kevin Farrell, recently transferred from Dallas to Rome to lead the new Vatican dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life. In that interview, the cardinal, who in 2014 was eager for me to give the University of Dallas commencement address in order commemorate the recently-canonized St. John Paul II, seemed to have forgotten that John Paul ever existed.
Thus Farrell, praising “Pope Francis’s great charisma” and “how the people flock to him” and the “amazing” way “he comes down to the people,” finished his tribute to the man who had named him cardinal by saying that all of this was “unthought-of and unheard of twenty years ago.”
Was John Paul II shot in his apartment by an interloper who had snuck past the Swiss Guard? Or was he shot by a would-be assassin standing in the midst of one of the vast throngs the Polish pope drew to St. Peter’s Square for over twenty-five years? Has Cardinal Farrell forgotten that, just before Mehmet Ali Agca’s shots rang out, John Paul had handed a small child he had embraced and blessed back to its mother? That was thirty-five years ago this past May 13. Which means that it’s preposterous to say that it was “unthought-of and unheard of twenty years ago” that a pope should mingle with crowds and embrace the people who were flocking to him. It was happening fifteen years and more before that.


sad anonymous said...

people are "flocking" to him? Not in my almost empty church.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Bergoglio is like a parent, who embraced a a stress-free child-rearing method. We can all see the results of this refusal to teach children discipline and virtue - the precious snowflakes with their right not to be offended.

Bergoglio teaches: Sin, my children, sin! Do a lot of mess! Don't be like those hypocrites, with sin in their nature, hiding it under the cover of a pious life!

Sure, they flock to him, especially when in Rome. He gives the sinner, what the sinner wants - permission and encouragement to sin more. Poor souls, little do they know that true peace, joy and happiness is found in holiness, even when it means battling the flesh.

John Paul II has his flaws, but he was a wise papa. Let us not talk about him then.

Sean Mercer said...

Sorry. But this guy is as gay as a blade.

JayBee said...

If you can't take the tweets, get off of the net!

Anonymous said...