Friday, 9 December 2016

Jorge Luther or Martin Bergoglio - two sides of the same heretical coin

Yes, this is a PhotoShop.

No, it has not been photo-shopped to appear as if it is on RadioVatikan's Facebook page, it actually is on their page and I have seen it myself. I'm not full of the stuff his coprophilia friends enjoy. This is really on their page.

There are many photoshops insults of Popes out there, particularly Benedict XVI. They are an insult not only to the person but to the Office of Peter. Yet, here; we have someone who has either sent it to or works at Vatican Radio. The fact that they would actually post it reveals much.

They believe that Luther and Bergoglio are interchangeable.

Well, I guess the Vatican itself has declared that Bergoglio is a heretic. 

Ohl don't think for a moment they are mocking Bergoglio.

No, they think this is funny.

They are mocking faithful Catholics.


Dan said...

So this is what the "last straw" feels like.... I will be a "neo-recusant" until the silent hierarchy speaks out and those men brave enough to speak out are vindicated.

I truly do not think anything else besides empty pews will spur these self indulgent silent characters to action.

Ana Milan said...

The trouble with 'empty pews' is that there is simply no other place to go. We don't have Traditional Orders here in Spain due to our NO Bishops not supplying them with necessary faculties, so it would mean staying at home & that would be turning our backs on Christ, not PF & crew. If everyone got behind this Dubia & if the formal correction is issued promptly it would be the best way forward, as really it is the Hierarchy's duty to uphold God's Word in all respects even if the Pope doesn't want to. All concerned should tweet @pontifex urging PF to sign the Dubia. He probably won't, but then Cardinal Burke will have to fulfil his promise of issuing a formal correction which by that time should include the signatures of two-thirds of the Hierarchy. We will be watching which way they go and those who are on PF's side will feel the heat at ground level.

This whole disgusting scenario will probably end in schism if PF cannot be persuaded to call it a day. Better a smaller but purer church as Pope Emeritus Benedict suggested.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest Vatican to create a fanclub for Luther and sell Luther merchandise,they will earn enough profit to "support" Western Invasion, abortion, LGBT propaganda,sex education etc


Humble "avatar" by Franky he'll get the next Noble prize,I'm sure of it.

Dan said...

I'm thinking of standing in the vestibule and praying the rosary. Hopefully others will notice and ask.