Friday, 23 December 2016

Remember all those Satanic Black Masses in Oklahoma? Thumbs up to Bishop David Austin Konderla!

What the hell, is going on in Tulsa?

The wonderful Bishop, Edward James Slattery retired earlier this year as he reached the mandated retirement age of 75. The new Bishop, David Austin Konderla is beginning to make quite a name for himself, but all for the wrong reasons.

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Some may recall that in September, Bishop Konderla, ordered Father Chad Ripperger, FSSP, who sought to establish along with Bishop Slattery, the new Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother and its work in the most necessary realm of exorcism, out of the diocese. As if sarcastically, Bishop Konderla's letter begins with the traditional manner of honouring the date, "Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary."

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Some of you also remember Rosalind Moss of EWTN, a convert from Judaism. Our sister in faith, discerned to dedicate her life to Christ with the foundation of a new religious order. Mother Miriam submitted herself to Bishop Slattery and founded the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel's Hope. She set out to find a priory and to begin renovations and build a guest house and build a community.

The Okie Traditionalist is reporting new information from their current newsletter, that David Austen Konderla has ordered them out of the Diocese!

As with the situation with the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother Konderla indicates that he has made these decisions after "prayer" and a "discernment."

“After careful consideration and prayerful discernment, the Diocese of Tulsa has elected to end its affiliation with the traditional Benedictine Order, the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope and allow the community to continue their apostolic exploration in another diocese.”

009-300x227.jpg (300×227)What about the prayer and labour and money from the faithful who supported this worthy work? Do they not count? What kind of evil has descended upon Tulsa? What kind of man is this David Konderla? Is he now to be added to our list of heresiarchs?

Remember that Pope Bergoglio has issued law that no bishop may set up a society or religious order without the express permission of Rome, - an action unheard of, particularly in a "synodal church" or a "collegial" church since Vatican II. 

Rome's intention, is a direct attack on the authority of a local Ordinary. Konderla's actions are manifestations of cowardice and potentially something even graver.

Laramie Hirsch at The Hirsch Files has teamed up on this with matter with The Okie Traditionalist. He makes a point that all faithful Catholics, particularly those who consider themselves traditional need to grasp:
"It was already in Bishop Konderla's heart to do this. He was going to suppress this community.  He will probably do more.  It should be clear now that this bishop has a certain kind of "vision" for Northeast Oklahoma that does not include groups such as this.  You will not be protected simply by playing along and pretending to be a part of the "groupthink."  You will be ostracized for who you are. 
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Being quiet and subdued got us into this post-Vatican II mess in the first place. Decade after decade, priests and laity have pretended that there has been nothing wrong with the Catholic Church. They do this in order to preserve the remaining integrity of the Church's institution--all the while, it's being eaten away right in front of them."

Do you think those Black Masses in Oklahoma have been a problem?

Or is it that friendship with Cardinal Burke is the kiss of death?


Anonymous said...

Are the Clear Creek Benedictines in his diocese? Also, the Benedictine nuns nearby? Will the hammer come down on them, also?


Michael said...

What a shame. I'd heard good things about Bp. Konderla from when he was chaplain at Texas A&M. I'd thought that was a good Newman Center, and it was because of his work there. I guess he's not really that great. Maybe that Newman Center wasn't that great either. Maybe they were the type who seemed orthodox, because they'd send a big bus to the March for Life and they're willing to have adoration (while rocking out on guitars and drums, but still...). Maybe they were the type that has some idea of what orthodox Catholicism is, but it is way too broad. They'll read Abp. Fulton J. Sheen and proclaim its greatness...and then they'll do the same for Hans Urs von Balthasar, Christopher West, and Mark Shea.

May God bring an end to the Francis Papacy, and any future papacies that may be like it.

Anonymous said...

Must beware of this church, sisters. Better off as a lay person today.

Anonymous said...

He came from the black Mass, which was particularly slanderous to Mary. Father's priests are of the Sorrowful Mother, and the sisters Daughters of Mary.

Dan said...

"Rigid neo-pelagians" will be crushed!

gracem said...

Poor Rosalind Moss.......such a lovely person.

Unknown said...

The only explanation is that the good sisters "sinned" against the idol of inter-religious dialogue and ecumenism. Why would any Bishop in his right mind not want these sisters around?

Eirene said...

Do priests like this have ANY CONCEPTION of what their punishment in Hell will be like?! Has no-one instructed them in the Last Things?! I am shaking my head as I write this!
Maybe a post on Hell and what happens there and to whom would be instructive, Vox?!

susan said...

This is so unspeakably evil. I have no words....they just keep doubling-down on the evil.

Michael Dowd said...

Seems like the good Sisters should stay and fight. Maybe they could institute both an ecclesial and a civil action against the Bishop for loss of reputation and property. A Bishop like this should be called out and his actions brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

He is one of the wolves, the pretenders. Full of himself. Search for his videos on youtube.

Anonymous said...


This bishop needs a lot of prayers and fastings from traditional Catholics. He seems not to have any clue about traditions and exorcism. Perhaps he needs an exorcism himself because he's doings Satan's work to suppress and dismantle Catholic traditions in Oklahoma.

Bishop Konderla The Destroyer you maybe sitting on your high horse being a tyrant bishop on this earth but you will have a lot to answer to our Just Lord in your coming judgment. We are praying for your conversion, repentance and renewal. Just as we do pray for the conversion of your great benefactor Pope Francis The Supreme Destroyer.

Unknown said...

This is such a sorrow.
Rossalind Moss has been a solid and faithful witness for so many years.

History shows the constant cycles of joyful growth and then harsh rejection each saintly person, community and ministry must endure. This wonderful new community will be blessed even more. I have loved to picture them in their habits praying the Angelus on the streets of Tulsa. Travelling to France for spiritual growth and wise discenment.

The attacks within the church hurt so much more. We must pray for those deluded and used to weaken us all. Many, like myself have once been a part of this weakening. We especially must pray for those lost and trapped in error. We know how easily one can become blinded by lack of knowledge and misguided discernment.We must be grateful now to be freed and pray for others lost still.

We need to heal and strengthen within. Pray back those who leave the Church, but especially those do it so much much harm.It is not always possible to tell who will become a Peter or a Judas. Some of us have been a pre-conversion Paul.Perhaps we former persecutors of the faithful Church must be open like Ananias. To hope and pray especially for the souls now pulled away by evil. In gratitude to those who once prayed, continue to pray for us.

Unknown said...

A furthur comment -
(As sent to 'One Mad Mom', and as my thinking is being more clarified, especially by David and this site.)

Perhaps we have different roles to play. It is true you cannot compromise truth. And those who stand out so clearly - by having a web site especially - must have the most courage. And support, especially with continual pprayer and ith a 'crow-sourcing' like financial support. (I have no idea how this is done) They and their families are in the front lines every moment. - like the Canadian who formed the advance, spear-head troops in World War ll.

Others are the intercessors. and those who once played the roles of persecutors, like Paul, like me, are most able to pray for those who now fill us with fear.As we were prayed for. And I have been critical of those on the front lines often, for the harshness of their words for instance. I am coming to see how comfortable my own choices are made by their sacrafices.

Who out there does know about crowd sourcing? I am sure Vox Cantoris could use it.Deserves it.

Anonymous said...

The jewess, Moss, should never have been allowed to start a "Religious " Order to begin with.
A jew cannot possibly know enough about the workings of a Catholic religious order to start a new one.
Someone was not paying attention or doing their due diligence when she skipped into town and we now have a Bishop who is protecting us.
Good for him.

No jews in the clerical state.

Vox Cantoris said...

Anonymous Jew-hater at 1:10.

I don't normally chastise my readers but for you, as with my Canonist friend in Toronto, I shall make an exception.

Your comment is published for the very necessity that I rebuke you. It is a vile and disgusting and erroneous opinion. Christ came to save ALL people, though not all will come to Him. He came first for the Jews as he said in the discourse with one of my Canaanite ancestors in what is now south Lebanon. You seem to forget, the Apostles were Jews. There were great Saints who were Jews. Shall we start with St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Edith Stein?

The priest who celebrated the Mass of the Midnight last night according to the Traditional Missal, at which I sang, is a Jew. He was born a Jewish man by blood. he converted to the Catholic faith. That does not make him any less Jewish ethnically but it makes him fully Jewish and fully Catholic at the same time. Should this priest, whom I have known since he was in seminary and sang in my Schola, not have offered the Holy Sacrifice to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

You speak ignorance. You speak lies. You speak sinfully of Sister Miriam - Rosalind Moss, and all other "Hebrew Catholics" who have come to know the truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the fullness in the new Israel, the Catholic Church.

Go and pray for forgiveness for you vileness and your writing off of those good souls who have come to the Truth and will still.

Jesus was born of a Jewess. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

This Bishop was sent by Pope Francis, Judas the traitor sitting in the Chair of Peter to destroy the Traditional foot hold in Northeast Oklahoma. It was amazing to see the Traditional Catholic Church so strong and energized. Will Dallas, Texas be next. There is an attack on Tradition by Pope Francis and this is not coming from the Holy Spirit. It is a diabolical attack by the Catholic Spring Revolutionaries like this new Bishop in Tulsa, who wants to give the Eucharist to the Divorce and Remarried and those who are in Sodomite Marriages and Lifestyles. This is a full attack on Catholic Tradition and all it's goodness, respect and love for Christ.

Unknown said...

Let's not look on this as a setback but as an opportunity for a good bishop to give refuge to this new society. There is likely at least one unused religious house in each of the 300 dioceses in the U.S. Let a smart and saintly bishop put one of those at the disposal of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel's Hope.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate on him he is the person who sued the people who took the host for the Black Mass and he probably went in to get it back!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how clueless all of you are wrt Bishop Konderla. I knew him well at TAMU. This is the kind of bishop that will straighten up the poor teachings we've seen in this country wrt marriage and family issues. He's solid pro-life and supports traditional worship. There's so much that goes into these decisions. None of you have any clue why the decisions were made. Please check your arrogant pride at the door. Leaders like him will bring the Church back down the narrow path.