Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Our generation's Athanasius contra mundum! "Schism already exists"

Laudetur Jesus Christus!


Anonymous said...

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear Vox,

This is wonderful news! How appropriate that you posted it on the Feast of St. Nicholas, who punched Arius for denying the Divinity of Christ. (Thank you for posting the video too. I love it.)

O Holy Father Athanasius, pray to God for your namesake and his confreres in arms against the Enemy!

O Holy Father Nicholas, pray to God for our bishops and us sinners!

Yours in Christ the King,


JayBee said...

Holy cow, that is stunning! What a modestly stated but reverberating clarion call!

Dan said...

Wow! Incredible. Clear.

Thanks for posting Vox!

Ana Milan said...

Thank God for Bishop Schneider. We need a lot more like him with languages to give tv interviews all over the world advising Catholics as to the real issues that AL poses. Many don't understand that it contradicts the Sixth & Ninth Commandments & the result of it being implemented will also call into question the rest of the Ten Commandments which were instituted by Christ Himself as a necessary means for our eternal salvation. It was very good Bishop Schneider pointing out the lies that the present leadership are telling in order to support a Church of Man & that it is they who have broken away from the Church of God.

I wonder how long it will take before the majority of our Hierarchy will be forced to come out of their hiding places & openly support the Dubia? If they don't, then there is going to be a huge schism in the CC which can only teach the Word of God in its entirety & will probably, in time, mean there will be two popes & two hierarchies - one worshipping Man (as of now) & the other worshipping God. We certainly will be a smaller but hopefully purer church as Pope Emeritus Benedict said, but then again, we have the Traditional Orders to step into the breach & provide the Old Rite to which we shall have to return. Most Catholics to-day have no experience of TLM & have been prevented from having any access to it but when that situation is turned around they will undoubtedly be angry that these Modernist Popes/Hierarchies/Priests have deprived them of their heritage & hopefully such a disastrous situation will never arise again. Prayer in bucket loads & much more exposure of what the real CC stands for is needed urgently.

Kathleen1031 said...

I have never heard him speak. The message is unambiguous and crystal clear, like mountain water. He defends Christ, and does it with straightforward clarity and economy of words. Wow.
As an American, I must say this is an "NPR" style of interview that I wish we would bring back, where the "guest" gets to actually speak without being interrupted by the host. Lovely to listen to. NPR in America has a large audience at least in part to this style, even if they are hopelessly liberal. They got this part right.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This video should be seen far and wide, but this is the only place I find it. What a holy man is Bishop Athanasius Schneider!
Thank you Vox.


Heloisa said...

Thank you for making this video available - it's great that he has spoken up in support of 'The Four'!!

Anonymous said...

@Paul Morphy : thank you Vox for sharing this interview. Archbishop Schneider provides us with a very clear and very concise and very accurate overview of the issues. We are hugely indebted to men such as the Archbishop for his witness to the truth. Truly he and the other cardinals who framed the dubia are shepherds.

Unlike the hireling seated on the throne of the papacy.

God will not be mocked.
Deo gratias.

Anonymous said...

Great comment by this "Bishop",there are few people who wanted to follow the true faith still exist on modernist church. Don't know how long he'll held that office.


Anonymous said...

We must support our bishops on this issue! They are right! There is a true schism in our Church that violates our doctrines and is the doctrines of demons!

We must adhere to the true teachings of our Church and not "give into" any false apostasy of Chrislam or its equivalent.

Anonymous said...

Conservative sometime compromise, when it happen its not a good thing.The real fight is not against liberals it's actually against the REVOLUTIONARY.