Thursday, 22 December 2016

Bergoglio lashes out irrationally calling faithful Catholics "malevolent"

Surely, the curia expected this. The annual dressing down, insulting berating by the Bishop of Rome, Jorge Bergoglio. We don't need to rehash the scurrilous and degrading diatribe by Bergoglio previously. What makes today's annual insult more interesting is that he intends it for the whole Church, not just the Curia.

I imagine that I fit under "Malevolent Resistance," at least in what he must think is "malevolent." Perhaps this Alinskyite should take a look in the mirror to come up with a good understanding of what "malevolent" looks like. 

Deacon Nick Donnelly reports:

Good Resistance - According to Pope Francis there is resistance that arises from good will and sincere dialogue.  
Hidden Resistance - Pope Francis uses the word "nascoste" to describe this type of resistance, which has the meaning of covert, underhand and stealthy. He says this resistance arises from petrified or frightened hearts that speak empty words in the spirit of the  "Gattopardismo" (A reference to a character in an Italian novel and film) who verbally says he is ready to change, but wants everything to remain as before. (The Vatican translates "Gattopardismo" as 'spiritual window dressing'). "Gatopardismo or lampedusiano" is an Italian political term that has its origin in the novel El gatopardo, by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (1896-1957). It refers to a political approach of  "changing something so that nothing changes".  
Malevolent Resistance [resistenze malevole] - Pope Francis told the Roman Curia that malevolent resistance came from distorted minds which occurs when the devil inspires "cattive" intentions, bad or wicked intentions [che germogliano in menti distorte e si presentano quando il demonio ispira intenzioni cattive]. He said that such malevolent resistance often appears "under the guise of lambs". This last type of resistance hides behind words of self-justification, and accusations, taking refuge in traditions, in appearances, in formalities, in what is known, or wanting to make everything personal without distinguishing between the act, the actor and the action.

There is good news in all of this. God will write straight with the crooked lines of this malefactor on the Chair of Peter. The days of this papacy are numbered, one way or another. History will not judge this man kindly, this insulting, berating, egoist and narcissist who on a daily basis insults simple Catholics doing their best to get to Heaven. 

If you as a father or mother spoke to your children on a daily basis in this way you would be considered to be an abusive parent. A cruel, vindictive and nasty father is this Bergoglio. An egoist who thinks every utterance is from the Holy Spirit. 

A Pope? A spiritual Father? 

His children cry out for bread and all Bergoglio can do is throw stones.


Osusanna said...

Wow. Nasty rigid papa.
Prayers for Cardinal Burke et. al.

philipjohnson said...

Yes it is very disturbing that malefactor Bergoglio insults us on a daily basis.His time is up-as is Vat 11-and we await the inevitable hour when he,and his minions,will be no more.Long Live Tradition.

Dan said...

Ahhh but his stones are mercy and accompanying stones. He loves us so much. So much wiser than 2000 years of teaching.

kam said...

This is the equivalent of spitting on Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Michael said...

Malevolent...I like that...only that is an attribute of Pope Francis, not those he is using it to describe. Please God, deliver us from this faithless, malevolent wolf.

Ana Milan said...

Malevolence can be found in innovation, ambiguity & chaos (the works of the devil) but never in Tradition.

franciscanusanglicanus said...

So, so tired of this man.

Anonymous said...

How Pope Francis insults the Saints of the Holy Catholic Church. He insults them for their rigid and adhereness to the Holy Tradition of the teachings in all Her tradition of the Holy Catholic Church that has led them to Sainthood. It was rigid Catholic Tradition not modern revolutionary reform that led Saints to Heaven. It was the torture chamber of the confessional that led these Saints to Sainthood. To these Saints the Confessional was not a torture chamber. The Confessional is on the torture chamber to demons. The demons of Satan only see a Catholic Confessional as torture chambers preventing people entering into Sanctifying Grace in order to receive the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ to have the Life from God in them. This Pope Francis has lost it and it is about time he retires since he is so big on reforms.

Kathleen1031 said...

As one commenter somewhere said today, and which brought me up short, he stands there flogging the curia and us while actual Christians are dying, being mauled and persecuted and slaughtered on a daily basis.
This man is evil, there is no other word for it. As one bishop said during the synod, "May God open his eyes or close them for good".
Please, good Cardinals, issue the formal correction soon.
May God and Our Lady protect and care for Cardinal Burke and the remaining faithful Cardinals.
No matter what, I would prefer schism to the continuation of this madness.

Leah said...

This Novus Ordo church is a new protestant sect, and they all hate the Catholic Church. It's that simple.

raphaelheals said...

Oh my dearest Lord and King, how I long to hear your words that made the disciples hearts burn on fire with love at Emmaus.
How your people are crying out for life and your Light. Remove this darkness from us and assist us to endure in holiness and humility this great trial.

Anonymous said...

Sticks and stones may break our bones,but names will never hurt us.

C.J. said...

I got two rigid words for Francis and they ain't Merry Christmas.

mike said...

malvolio of twelve night would be better than Bergoglio

Anonymous said...

Strange and little known prophecy:

there was an argentine artist called Parravicini, he used to draw his prophecies writing a few comments on the side.

He foresaw this papacy and the "roform". He saw it benevolently: fresh air, he said, catholic priests would live like protestants, he said, and the papacy would want to reform everything (for good), but... wouldn't be enough (for what)? Theirs would not be a success.

That's great news.

We have to keep the faith while the storm lasts, it will pass, and they won't make it.

God bless you all.


Anonymous said...

I went back to read Paccavicini's prophecies and the accuracy is really shocking (forgive my translation). They correspond to the period 1930s-1970s.

1) "New Age arrives! World in a costume, eternal mask. The church will accept Pope's resignation, the new will be young in ideas."

2)"Divergence! The new Pope will come after heavy internal fighting. Two different lights. Two truths, two problems. Confusion will grow, the unexpected will happen”.

3)“New norms in the papacy. What used to be evil it is no longer. The mass will be protestant without being protestant and protestants will be catholic without being catholic. The Pope will leave the Vatican on a trip to American, and humanity will fall”.

4) “Rome in unhappiness, falls in disaster. Hermetism in Napoli. Disorientation in the Vatican. The church is sinking, the Pope will go out, make himself popular, but it will be late. Reforms will scare catholics. Young priests will face the currents of power and dominion. New church. Fighting in conciliums. Tomorrow it will be the catacombs”.

Eirene said...

How wonderful it would have been if all courageous Cardinals simply stood up and walked out during this diatribe! Egg on the face of the fraud! But, alas, only in dreams!

Anonymous said...

From my Canonist Home to yours, Merry Christmas David. May 2017 bring you peace.

Vox Cantoris said...

And may 2017 bring you to conversion to the real Catholic faith, and an end to the mockery and harassment that you as priest persist in continuing anonymously as a coward in this combox.

How is the weather at Bathurst and St. Clair in that lovely condo across from the Basilian St. Michael's College.

Your judgement day is coming and the evil that you have done, particularly by attempting to provoke me into shaming a brother priest and a friend of mine on this blog, will be held up to your face to see.

You, a priest, a canonist. You're a disgrace to your collar and a betrayer of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Another Judas.

Now, go and find a way to repent for all the evil you have done to Father so and so in this combox or offer the Holy Sacrifice at your own peril.

You disgust me.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Had the "conservative" Bishops walked-out of Vatican Two, the graces rained down upon the Church following that act would have flooded the globe.

Anger is the wrong response to this labile liberal - he should be laughed at.

Imagine if a few Bishops had started laughing wildly even to the point of slapping their knees, high-fiving, patting each other on the back, and doing the throw-away sign at Franciscus?

Laugh at him and mock him. The Devil hates such derisive dismissal and such behavior would drive Franciscus into pitching a fit publicly.

The Catholic world needs to see him for who he is. Do NOT take him seriously

Kathleen1031 said...

I would like to go and stand next to Vox at this time.