Friday, 9 December 2016

Pope Bergoglio says that the "majority" of the Synod Bishops voted for Amoris Laetitia content. Sorry, the facts call him a liar!

Is Bergoglio this stupid? Or does he think we are?

He is entitled to his opinion, even if it is wrong. What he is not entitled to are to change the facts. We know that is is not true.We know the necessary majority did not vote for the changes he is demanding upon the Church. Yes, he may ignore a Synod and do what he wants. He has and that makes him, since he opines so often about "synodality," a hypocrite and a dictator!

Either he is sadly mistaken or deluded.

Or, the Pope is a liar!

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Say what?

Argue with these, courtesy of:

  1. The final reports of the Synods, both the 2014 and the 2015, were voted paragraph by paragraph by the bishops.
  2. For approval, each paragraph needed to be positively voted by a qualified majority of two - thirds of Fathers with voting rights.
  3. In 2014 the Synod Fathers voting was 181 , so to say that the synod had officially approved a paragraph one needed a qualified majority of two - thirds, which in this case was obtained with 123 votes in favor. 
  4. Paragraph describing the two opposing positions during the Synod on the administration of the sacraments adulterers, only obtained 104 votes positive. Therefore, it was rejected by not having the qualified majority of two thirds of the votes . 
  5. Paragraph concerning the treatment towards people with homosexual tendencies was also rejected by the Synod Fathers, since neither obtained the qualified majority of two thirds of positive votes to be approved. 
  6. Despite having been rejected by the Synod Fathers, Pope Francisco ordered that those paragraphs was included in the final document.
  7. Father Federico Lombardi, then director of the Holy See Press Office, had to try to justify its inclusion , with little success, and only convinced those already in favour, making the following statement: "paragraphs that have not achieved so - called 'qualified majority' cannot be considered as rejected, but mostly paragraphs that are not mature enough for a broad consensus of the assembly.” 
  8. As no consensus was reached when the final report talked about expediting procedures for the declaration of nullity of marriages, Pope Francisco did not wait for the Synod Fathers return to reject the proposal and before the synod of the family of that year to meet , ordered by decree reforming the canonical process for the causes of declaration of nullity of marriage (it was September 8, 2015), which introduced the "presumption of invalidity" of marriage, absent for two thousand years of history the Church - marriage has always been considered "valid" while , unless otherwise demonstrated. It is recalled that Pope Francis made public his personal belief, unprovable, that a vast majority of marriages are invalid . 
  9. From 4 to 25 October 2015, it took place the XIV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of bishops -a commonly referred to as "Synod 2015 Family" -, headed by the Pope appointed a majority of like - minded prelates their ideas, as the Cardinal Tagle (in office), the Cardinal Baldisseri (Secretary General), Bruno Forte (special Secretary) and the Committee drafting the final report, in addition to Baldisseri and Forte: the Cardinal Wuerl , Victor Manuel "Tucho" Fernández and Adolfo Nicolas (then Superior General of the Jesuits). 
  10. On Monday October 5, just one day after the start of the Synod, was issued a written and directed by 13 cardinals Pope Francis letter, which denounced irregularities that were taking place such as the choice of certain participants, the exclusion of others, or changes in procedures - which, according to them, made this gathering of bishops seemed to be "designed to facilitate default disputed issues important results." 
  11. At the Synod of 2015 the number of parents was increased voting, which became 279 (although some sources said that only voted 270), so that the qualified majority to consider approved a paragraph became 186 positive votes (180 if voters were the 270 mentioned above). 
  12. The number paragraph 85, which is the one that dealt with the administration of the sacraments adulterers, only obtained 178 votes in favor, not reaching the qualified majority of two thirds of affirmative votes necessary for approval (whether they were 270, as if were 279 Synod Fathers who voted).


Ana Milan said...

There must be some way to remove this man from office. Cannot understand why the Hierarchy are dragging their feet. Canon Law will have to be updated to cover heretical popes. This whole scenario makes us a laughing stock.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

One likely scenario is this:
Jorge Bergoglio used machinations and deception to push his agenda, one he was set on long before becoming pope. If I recall correctly, he already encouraged and promised communion for the divorced one family member back in Argentina.

Convinced of own shrewdness, he has no idea that we the flock have been exposed to the actual vote count. He may have forgotten the details of his improper and immoral involvement in the synodal process. It is understandable - he is so busy, every day, be it getting together with a celebrity, a head of a false religion, a corrupt head of state, global warming alarmist, and so many more!

Jorge Bergoglio forgot his deceptions, and caught in the lies, he refuses to back down. For him the end Justifies the means, even if this end contradicts the will of our Lord Jesus Christ, whose Vicar he is supposed to be.

Mark Twain once gave good advise: "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything".

Bergoglio does not tell the truth, and then he forgets what he said, and then... he lashes out at those who dare to remind him: Focus on the positive, you sick connoisseur of human waste! Don't dare to point out the negative, even if it is true! Forward, I say!

Michael Dowd said...

The mainstream media is now getting into this. My guess is we will see a major expose within six months or sooner. This is not going to be good for the Vatican II church.

Dan said...

I've always wondered about Pope Benedict's resignation. That is was he being blackmailed by the gay lobby? Did Benedict know something, or was he involved with something that would be so horribly embarrassing to the Church that he would decide that being a virtual prisoner syncophant would be preferred.

Are these references to coprophilia some kind of blackmail to keep Pope Benedict in line?