Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Phyllis Zagano wants $50.00 - and U.S. too!

delightful email arrived in my inbox last night. It seems that I published too many words.

The link is now there instead of the whole article.


That's all your work is worth?

I would like to encourage people to make a donation in the name of Phyllis Zagano to the Society of St. Pius X's new seminary project. Remember, a donation of $5,000 will have Phyllis' name engraved on a plaque in a seminarian's room.

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From: Phyllis Zagano [mailto:Phyllis.Zagano@Hofstra.edu]
Sent: December 12, 2016 8:26 PM
To: voxcantoris@rogers.com
Subject: invoice


I note you have published one of my columns (http://voxcantor.blogspot.com/2016/07/phyllis-zagano-and-national-schismatic.html.) Please remit your payment of U.S. $50 immediately, to the below.

Phyllis Zagano, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate-in-Residence
Department of Religion-Heger 104B
115 Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11549
516-463-5615 (office)
516-463-2201 (fax)




Theresa said...

What hubris! A follower of Jorge no doubt!

Peter Lamb said...

Ag shame man Vox. The poor old girl needs money. Probably wants to get some makeup and have her hair done for Christmas. Be a sport and send her $51!

Ignotus said...

What she needs is a volume of Denzinger- but she doesn't need $50 to buy it - I hear there is a pile of them in the Vatican City dumpster.

Unknown said...

Send her the $50! Or the 5 cents, whatever it is! That is hilarious.

Peter Lamb said...

Come to think of it, her being a Senior Research Associate-in-Residence, with a PHD and all, maybe she missed the following in her research into women deacons:

Use of women in Church ceremonies is strictly condemned.
Council of Laodica (4th century): Canon 44: Women may not go to the altar. (This canon is found in all collections of canons in the Church both East and West.)

Pope Gelasius 494 A.D. "We have heard with sorrow of the great contempt with which the sacred mysteries have been treated. It has reached the point where women have been encouraged to serve at the altar, and to carry out roles that are not suited to their sex, having been assigned exclusively to those of masculine gender."

Encyclical of Pope Benedict XIV promulgated on July 26, 1755 Allatae Sunt: "Pope Gelasius in his ninth letter (chap. 26) to the bishops of Lucania condemned the evil practice which had been introduced of women serving the priest at the celebration of Mass. Since this abuse had spread to the Greeks, Innocent IV strictly forbade it in his letter to the bishop of Tusculum: 'Women should not dare to serve at the altar; they should be altogether refused this ministry.' We too have forbidden this practice in the same words in Our oft-repeated constitution Etsi Pastoralis, sect. 6, no. 21."

1917 Code of Canon Law. Canon 813, section 2: "The minister serving at mass should not be a woman unless, in absence of a man, for just cause, it is so arranged that the woman respond from afar and by no means approach the altar."

The Holy Bible: "Let women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted them to speak, but to be subject, as also the law saith." (1 Cor. 14: 34).
"But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to use authority over the man: but to be in silence." (1 Timothy 2: 12).

1917 Catholic Encyclopedia "Women ministering at the altar, even in a subordinate capacity, is likewise forbidden. A decree says: 'It is prohibited to any woman to presume to approach the altar or minister to the priest' (cap. Inhibendum, 1 de cohab.); for if a woman should keep silence in church, much more should she abstain from the ministry of the altar, conclude the canonists."
(From Introibo Altare Dei.)

DJR said...

Send her some Monopoly money.

Or, better yet, just draw a $50 bill, with her picture on it, and send it to her.

Let her know she can cash it at any bank in the Northwest Territories.

John the Mad said...

Well Vox you've gone and done it again. You published her dunning letter in full. You'll be invoiced for another buck or two at least and in Yankee dough, as well. Sheesh. Some bloggers never learn. She's got you on the run now, me lad. You are so toast man.

JayJay said...

$50???? She's priced herself generously

Eirene said...

Pretty sad, really! Poor old thing! Someone should have a quiet word to her. Not a good look!

Anonymous said...

Well, fair enough. It's her work, and a worker is worth her hire. $50 is about standard for a reprinted article in the Catholic press.

A Catholic Freelancer

Anonymous said...

Eirene, my sentiments exactly.

It's sad, not to say pathetic. I don't think it's money what she needs, but recognition, or a hug...