Monday, 19 December 2016

Is Austen Ivereigh speaking now for Pope Bergoglio and why are my Knights of Columbus paying for this rot?

Image result for austen ivereighAusten Ivereigh has made quite a name for himself in the past week. In the Knights of Columbus financed, Crux, Ivereigh raged against faithful Catholics, from the four Cardinals to the laity who oppose the sacrilegious and implied heretical notions in Bishop of Rome Bergoglio's horrid Amoris Laetitia.

He has done it again with a commentary on the matter of, what he thinks, is Jorge Bergoglio's view on the enneagram. The article is essentially about the Pope's 80th birthday. He then weaves into the condemned new age practice of the enneagram:

Related image"Pope Francis, incidentally, knows the Enneagram well and is not against it. But he is wary of the way it can be misused and lead to excessive introspection if not deployed within a solid spiritual framework."

Is Austen Ivereigh a gnostic, with particular knowledge about what the Pope thinks? If so, let this minion confirm it publicly.

Why are the Knights of Columbus funding Crux?


Ana Milan said...

Going back to the '40s (& probably further) the Knights of Columbus had members who were Freemasons & the Freemasons had members who were K of C (not the same men). This was understood & even respected that they were 'spying' on each other - what they gained by it was never made known even to their own members. Their hand gestures were similar, as was their initiation ceremony. Both my father & husband were members but my husband left on account of the corruption this fraternal engagement brought about. It probably has got even worse as the years went by so they would not be the vessel whereby Crux could be made into an Orthodox Catholic forum. That website needs closing down as does NCReporter who abuse the title Catholic when, as Fr. Z says, they are only fit for fish wrap.

Anonymous said...

Google the yearly salary of Carl Anderson. $1,167,721 in 2008. Now, go pay your dues.

Kathleen1031 said...

The K of C also sponsored Gay Pride Parades in Massachusetts I believe, or contributed in some way. I could be wrong about that, but that is my recollection. We should not support the K of C and that makes me sad, thinking of them adding such dignity to many funerals I have attended over the years.

Jonah said...

"Why are the Knights of Columbus funding Crux?"

Fr. Thomas Rosica was a member of my council. We funded Salt & Light quite generously. We're really not all that discerning.

Take two aspirin and get some sleep.