Thursday, 10 September 2015

Turning the Pope into a joke

Let us give Pope Francis the benefit of the doubt that he knows absolutely nothing about this.

What kind of idiots work at Vatican Radio - English that think that this is a good idea?

The Bishop of Rome is the Vicar of Our Lord Jesus Christ on Earth. He is not a to be used for promotion of some flippant cause by unjust men no matter what "good" they might think it will bring. Should we dump a bucket of ice over his head too?

I may have issues with the Pope and some of his comments and his actions but this clearly proves that he is surrounded by dangerous and deceitful people.

What an insult to the Church and to Our Lord.


Barona said...

The Vicar of Christ is NOT a celebrity; something the innovators running Vatican Radio apparently do not know.

The "comedians" they have selected are interesting. A very brief investigation into the men selected for the photo with the Pope is indicative. One is an open supporter of sodomy, one filthy mouthed, another left by his wife for drug and sex addiction. And this is just to going on with. Apparently the innovators running Vatican Radio do not know about this.

To my recollection Vatican Radio has been caught out in - and this is only recently: promoting a pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-priestess theologian; promoting homosexuality and lesbianism through the use of images (and when outed, taking them off the website).

One has to wonder are there actually any true believers working for Vatican Radio? Do true believers promote heresy? Do true believers promote homosexuality and lesbianism? These are all legitimate questions. To meet, to talk, to pray with and to try to be open to the Holy Spirit to serve a sinner that they be converted by His power is one thing. To pander to, to excuse, to publicly promote sin is quite another thing. And on Vatican Radio! Unbelievable.

There are really only two options as to who is working for and running Vatican Radio- English section: fools or - and this is far more sinister and likely - evil apostates.

J said...

Well...maybe I will send mine. Its about one hundred bishops that go to hell and find a Pope there, so they decide to start a Synod

Anonymous said...

I think you're being uncharitable to the people at Vatican Radio.

Pope Francis has demonstrated from the moment he stepped out onto the loggia and many, many times thereafter that he doesn't hold the Chair of St. Peter and all that it represents with the same high regard as even his post Vatican II predecessors.

I believe the benefit of the doubt should go to the people at Vatican Radio. Even if Francis doesn't have first-hand, intimate knowledge of this idea, on balance of probabilities, I think he'd be okay with it. We have pictures of him looking like a clown in white cassock and a big red nose easily found on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately to all serious Catholics' dismay, this Pope is really a JOKE. He has no respect for his Petrine office let alone for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his immutable teachings.

He is truly making an ass of himself. How very sad to speak like this about the Holy Father but he is what he ass, a big joke of Pope, a punchline for a joke, a laughingstock, etcetera.

Amidst all these, Jesus wept....and we are all weeping too!

Anonymous said...

In the end the joke will be on them