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Revolt against Francis! - From the German Die Zeit

Courtesy of Novus Ordo Watch (yes, I know, so what? they were very supportive and kind to me during Rosciagate) is their translation from the original German of a blockbuster article on the revolt against Francis over his latest motu proprio.

Revolt Against Francis
High-ranking Vatican clerics are rebelling against Francis’ most recent decision regarding marriage annulments. They are accusing him of giving up an important dogma.
by Julius Müller-Meiningen
They’ve had enough. In three weeks’ time, the Catholic bishops of the world will meet in synod to deliberate about the future course of their church. In Rome, the clergy will encounter an apparatus that is dead set against the Pope, definitively. A dossier is being circulated in the halls of the curia, which has been made available to The Christian and the World of DIE ZEIT [weekly journal included in ZEIT], which systematically lists the alleged sins of the Pope. “Francis has taken off his mask”, a high-ranking Vatican cleric says. Some prelates even feel physical aggression coming up against the Pontiff, and they’re even willing to say so under cover of anonymity [<-- this last sentence has since been removed from the German original, without acknowledgment —Transl., 12-SEP-15].
The trigger for what one can confidently call the preparations for an organized resistance against Francis, was the most recent decree of the 78-year-old Argentinian. With the document he published last Tuesday [Sep. 8], which enables simpler and faster annulments of marriages in church, he set the Church before a fait accompliMitis Iudex Dominus is the title of the edict, which is supposed to be in reference to Jesus the meek Judge. But within the curia, the meekness that Francis wants to show the faithful who find themselves in conflict with ecclesiastical norms, is out of the question. A number of monsignors who are officially in charge of directing the affairs of the church at large, are beside themselves.
This is manifest in an incisively-worded dossier that has recently been disseminated throughout the most important offices of the Vatican, including the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Secretariat of State. In it, the decree for the simplication of marriage annulments is juridically picked apart. The main accusations [against Francis] are that the Pope bypassed the committees that are in charge of this matter that is of such fundamental importance to the church, and that he has introduced de facto “Catholic divorce”. The report, which several pages long, speaks of “unsettling developments” and argues that Francis “circumvented” the regulated process for changing legislation for the universal church. Most of the safeguards found in matrimonial annulment trials were deliberately “eliminated”, the report claims.
The importance of matrimony, especially the question how to deal with divorced spouses who marry again [sic], is at the epicenter of the debate about the future direction of the church. The indissolubility of marriage is the dogma conservative clerics stick to. “Divorce the Catholic way”, enabled by the Pope, would mean the worst-case scenario for the guardians [sic] of doctrine such as the German Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller. On his desk, too, is found the inofficial bill of indictment against Francis. Muller and his friends, who are spread throughout the curia, fear that the entire edifice will collapse if one of its foundations is removed. In their view, this is a matter of the very continuation of the true Catholic Church.
The introducion of a speedy process for discerning the nullity of marriages under the supervision of the [local] bishop is of particular concern to the Pope’s critics. From their point-of-view, a lot of controverial theological problems were ignored by Francis. Thus in the decree are found several extremely vague reasons that suffice for getting a speedy trial started, such as “lack of faith” or other motives that are not clearly defined. If, as is feared by the Pope’s opponents, this should now lead to a flood of annulments, the problem of admitting remarried divorcees to the sacraments, which has long affected the church, would be practically eliminated. From now on they would be able to simply exit their Catholic marriage, supposedly contracted in perpetuity, without a problem. Per papal decree.
The synod, set to begin October 4, is thus in danger of being turned into a merry-go-round of debate. The Pope — such is the tenor — makes his decisions according to his own pleasure anyway. He didn’t stick to the regular process of changing legislation, according to the seven-page document. The bishops’ conferences as well as all curial offices were bypassed, including the Vatican’s own canon lawyers.
A commission put together by the Pope, which had been ordered to keep silent, quietly drafted the [new] legislation. Otherwise it would presumably have been crushed and prevented by the curial apparatus. Although there were loud protests at the previous synod last fall against the idea of a speedy process for determining the nullity of a marriage under the supervision of the [local] bishop, it nevertheless is now a part of church law — even before the synod could take up the matter once more.
Does the Pope want to impose his long-predetermined course of action with all his might? In the most important offices of the curia, the doubts have long turned into certainty. Many of the faithful, however, will be cheering.
[Julius Muller-Meiningen, “Aufstand gegen Franziskus”Zeit Online, Sep. 10, 2015; translated by Novus Ordo Watch]


Maudie N Mandeville said...

Many of the faithful (sic), however, will be cheering.

Michael Dowd said...

Pope Francis did precisely the wrong thing by making obtaining an annulment easier.

The current annulment process is a joke, the new annulment process is ridiculous. Right now just about anyone who wants an annulment can get one if they are willing to go through the paces. Currently, the Catholic divorce rate is about the same as the national average which means the annulment process is not slowing down divorces, which means it is just conscience salving and essentially phony.

What all this boils down to is that all Catholic marriages (as implied in the ease of annulments) are probably invalid and the only way to find out if they are not is to go through the annulment process, a Catch 22 situation to be sure.

I suppose some will think all of this is pretty funny--a joke. Particularly since Vatican II the Catholic Church has been on the road to perdition. The new annulment process will just make the road to hell slipperier.

FLOR solitaria said...

Pope Benedict XVI should come back from his forced retirement. The faithful need him and want him, despite what the wolves in sheep clothing would like us to believe. And his health is better now by the grace of God, despite 'pope' Francis forbidding Benedict's own doctor.
Just see how well he looks at 88, after being ill. It's amazing. It's like a miracle.

Anonymous said...

Today's Sept 14, 2015 post on Rorate Caeli:

Rorate Caeli Blog has translated an article from the L’Osservatore Romano - a very important one. Hope the orthodox cardinals and bishops have taken note of this article.

Excerpt below:

"The reforms are bluntly described as coming from ‘Our Lord’ and from the ‘Holy Spirit’, acting through Francis. The “divorced and remarried” are now redefined as forming part of “the poor” for which the Church should have a special solicitude; anyone aware of the heightened place held by “the poor” (e.g . the “preferential option for the poor”) in the post-Conciliar Magisterium should be aware of the magnitude of the shift involved here.(end of excerpt)

Lynda said...

When will they do their duty and convene to make an official finding regarding Francis's apparent formal heresy? The time for acting has long been here.

Anonymous said...

Our Lord and the Holy Spirit do not act against themselves the Word of God is Eternal ,unchangeable as He is,he does not edit ,or adapt Himself.They have already downplayed the Sacredness of the Blessed Sacrement in preparation for openly promoting sacrilegious Communions.

Michael Dowd said...

What is Pope Francis long range plan based on his actions? The answer would appear obvious: to turn the Catholic Church into another Protestant sect and then to consolidate all of Christendom under a single leader. We have been on our way in this direction (Modernism) particularly since Vatican II. Pope Francis is just more obvious about it.

Anyone else have a thought on this?