Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Did the bankers make him do it?

Another breaking story about Pope Benedict's renouncement of the papacy comes our way from Hilary White at Orwell's Picnic originating from Maurizio Blondet. You can read the Italian original or Hilary's translation. 

I sent the Italian original to a friend today to get the flavour of it and here is what he wrote:
Essentially the author, Blondet, first writes what we discussed, that the election of Pope Francis is valid since everyone vowed obedience to him and nobody contested the Election. But then he puts forth that the resignation of Benedict was invalid....he talks how Benedict resigned because SWIFT took the Vatican Bank (IOR) out of the SWIFT network, which is absolutely crucial in carrying out financial transactions across the world (giving money to Nunciatures, Missions, etc.).  Few people know about SWIFT. Essentially SWIFT blackmailed Benedict: if he didn't resign the financial state of the Church would be in ruin....Benedict "could not buy nor sell"  - the only proof of this that Blondet gives is circumstantial: IOR is taken off of SWIFT, then as soon as Benedict resigns, it is re-admitted. Yes, strong circumstantial evidence, but not enough to claim blackmail (He also cites that the resignation speech in Latin was riddled with errors, as if it had been given to him by someone else, Benedict would never make such elementary errors in latin).
Then he says that Pope Francis' mandate to accept as many immigrants as possible is similar to an exhortation signed by many Masonic lodges. He ties it all in with Apocalypse 13, where there is mention that "people could not buy nor sell" (like Benedict) without the mark of the beast, the mark of beast being SWIFT banking codes....
Far-fetched, but it does raise some questions; particularly on top of the pervert protecting Cardinal Danneels and his claims of a "mafia."

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Jonah said...

Louie Verrecchio has fingered Ronaldo Hermann Schmitz, a former Deutsche Bank Executive Director, in the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI:
The Schmitz family is not your ordinary banking family. I've put together a file on the Schmitz's here:
How deep does this rathole go?