Thursday, 24 September 2015

Not once! Not Jesus Christ and not abortion. The very political Pope!

Not once was the name or Our Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed aloud.

Not even a subtle illusion.

Not even a blessing.

Even at St. Patrick's Church later, not even a formal blessing to Catholics.

Is the Pope embarrassed to be Catholic? Is he even?

Not once was the word "abortion" used. There were references to protecting "human life at every state of development." Yes, the Pope opposes abortion. But that weak statement could mean anything to anyone. To me it could mean from conception to natural death; to someone else it can mean birth until life has no dignity. It depends on  your perspective and your definition of when life begins and ends.

Let's get one thing perfectly clear.

Capital Punishment is recognised as legitimate in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is in the Bible. In fact, many times God ordered it and nowhere in the New Testament did Our Lord Jesus Christ abrogate it.

The personal opinion of Jorge Bergoglio, Pope of the Holy See is his opinion. It is nothing more. It is his opinion and he has no right to demand from me or anyone else the "global abolition of the death penalty."

Why didn't the Pope say he wanted the "global abolition of abortion?"

The Pope made this political.

Tomorrow at the United Nations will he call for a United Religions of the World?

God help us, please.


Sandpiper said...

I feel your pain. Wish I could share a good, stiff drink with you, Vox. We must carry on storming heaven for intervention for a deep darkness covers the earth.

TLM said...

Believe it or not, it was encouraging to me that this Pope did mention protecting life 'at every stage of development' and Marriage the way God intended. I expected nothing like that from him. I expected only his precious 'climate change' mantra. No he didn't hammer the life issue home, but it was at least in there. I also know from interviews that the Democrats in Congress weren't particularly thrilled with his speech, and they are the 'Anti Life' Party. They are the 'abortion on demand even up to the 9th month' group. They are the ones fighting to keep Planned Parenthood alive and well. So??????

Maudie N Mandeville said...

Compare Francis' limp girlish secular speech in Cuba to John Paul ii's Poland speech in '79 under the very nose of Gen. Jaruzelski's secret police and ten years before anyone, including the CIA, had any idea that the powerful Soviet Union would fail. Jesus Christ, Eucharistic Sacrifice and prayer, Baptism, the Apostles, Mary the Mother of Christ, the Most Holy Trinity, etc, etc, etc., were referenced many times.
Pope Francis?, not one mention. Got that? Not one mention in the frail communist dictatorship. Instead, social friendship (5), dream(ing) (15), and hope (21) were all biggies.

As for protecting life 'at every stage of development', and Marriage the way God intended', notice how he couldn't bring himself to use the "harsh and provocative" words like abortion and same-sex marriage. Many pro-aborts are all for protecting life 'at every stage of development' which to them simply means from birth to 26 years old (Obamacare); and 'Marriage the way God intended'?, well, "who am I to judge" what God intended?

Huffington Post: Pope Francis' Speech To Congress Didn't Mention Abortion, Gay Marriage By Name. In a 3,404-word address, he used only 75 words on the two topics.
NYT: As a result, Democrats cheered and led standing ovations
Guardian: Republicans and Democrats united in praise for pope, who called on Congress to transcend division and act on climate change, immigration and poverty