Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Pope is not an absolute monarch whose thoughts and desires are law ... he must not proclaim his own ideas

No, this is not my quote. This is not Vox being snarky or being anti-Francis. 

Rorate Caeli Blog has the whole beautiful homily. Read it and then consider if Francis' personal motion to undermine the process of annulments is prudent and even licit? He can choose tomorrow to demolish St. Peter's Basilica. He has the legal jurisdiction to do that, he is the supreme legislator. Remember that the next time that you neo-Caths cry about "papal infallibility" and "you can't criticise the pope." Read your history of Pius VII and Napoleon and stop ascribing a power to the pope that he does not have. The moon is not made of creamed cheese even he says it and his actions on annulments can and will be undone by a future Pope. History is a merciless judge.

How much do you miss him now, eh?

I miss my Papa so much that I want to cry every time I see his picture and then I realise that it is my fault because I did not pray for him enough that he not "flee for fear of the wolves."


Theresa said...

My sentiments as well Vox....we don't realize the depths of how important it is to storm heaven for grace , particularly and most importantly through the intercession of Our Lady by praying the holy rosary.

FLOR solitaria said...

Benedict XVI was the last Pope of the Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

The Holy Father benedict XVI did not flee, I believe in what he himself said. I miss him also. May God bless him.

Kevin said...

I was very fond of Pope Benedict XVI, but now I am greatly disappointed. He KNEW what the college of cardinals was like, he KNEW a modernist would get control, he KNEW that without him in the chair of Peter all the work he had accomplished to bringing back traditional Catholicism would be ransacked by the "wolves".

I am a father of four, I would not quit protecting my children just because victory seemed impossible. He could have done something, but in my opinion, he took the cowards path. I don't think past popes that were executed for standing firm would have much respect for his retiring because it got difficult.

Anonymous said...

In one of the three books Pope Benedict wrote on the Life of Christ ,he claimed that when Jesus said "Woman behold thy Son ,Son behold thy Mother,on the Cross He was simply committing his Mother to the care of St John,and not appointing her spiritual Mother of all redeemed by His Blood,does that not contradict tradition ? The role of the Virgin Mary is been downplayed to accommodate Protestant sects who have always rejected Her unique role in Redemption.I believe Pope Benedict is totally in accord the agenda.