Friday, 11 September 2015

According to Cardinal Schönborn ; it's presumably okay to be gay

If ever one needed more evidence of the clouded and deluded thinking of our modernist Church prelates, it is this from the Archbishop of Vienna as reported in the Catholic Herald:

"Cardinal Schönborn spoke in the interview about a gay friend of his who, after many temporary relationships, is now in a stable relationship. “It’s an improvement,” he said. They share “a life, they share their joys and sufferings, they help one another. It must be recognised that this person took an important step for his own good and the good of others, even though it certainly is not a situation the Church can consider ‘regular’.”Image result for schoenborn balloons
The Church’s negative “judgment about homosexual acts is necessary”, he said, “but the Church should not look in the bedroom first, but in the dining room! It must accompany people.”
Pastoral accompaniment “cannot transform an irregular situation into a regular one”, he said, “but there do exist paths for healing, for learning,” for moving gradually closer to a situation in compliance with Church teaching. “We are not at risk of diluting the clarity [of Church teaching] while walking with people because we are called to walk in the faith,” he said. No synod member wants to change Church teaching."

This is like saying, "I've improved because I only beat my wife twice a week instead of the four times prior!" Or that, "I only abuse children on Thursday nights now." 

This erroneous notion of "gradualism" is heresy!

This is evil and is it corrupted thinking. This is the same warped thinking that produced the Relatio at the last Synod and the preposterous and heretical statement still appearing on the Vatican website that homosexuals have "gifts and qualities to offer the Christian community" all with the approval of Francis, Bishop of Rome!

This is a lie. People have gifts. There are no gifts arising out of the sin of sodomy for anyone in the Church. 

The Cardinal is leaving his "gay friend" in sin and error. The man will die and without repentance, he and his "lover," will objectively speaking, go to Hell. Is that what the Cardinal wants for his friend? The friend has gone from a slurp ramp or a night out at the glory hole palace to a "stable relationship?" Good grief Eminence, it is still sodomy! It is the act of the insertion of the male genitalia into the mouth and/or anus of another man? It is the "intrinsic disorder" of the behaviour. Are you an evil clown to think this way and to offer such a disgustingly absurd opinion? It is an act against nature. It is an act against God. The cultural fascism of homosexualism is destroying our families and our culture and is out for our children's minds and bodies and you say, it is an "improvement."

What kind of moral coward are you? Do you have any faith Eminence in the supernatural God and the revealed truth of Christ?

These men will stop at nothing to push their filthy and corrupted agenda on us and the Church of the Christ. They must be outed at every stage. Every statement they make, every heretical comment that they utter must be revealed.  

They must and they will be outed.

Every last one of these clerics no matter who they are.


Aged parent said...

Well, he ought to know.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

McWhirter and Mattison conducted a non-random study of 156 stable committed male homosexual couples. They found that none of the over 100 couples that had been together for more than 5 years had been sexually monogamous or exclusive. The authors, themselves a gay couple, argued that for male couples, sexual monogamy is a passing stage of homophobia and that many homosexuals separate emotional fidelity and sexual exclusivity. What matters for male couples is emotional not physical faithfulness.

Even more conservative advocates of gay marriage such as former New Republic editor Andrew Sullivan admit that for them, "fidelity" does not mean complete monogamy, but just somewhat restrained promiscuity.

“A number of my gay clients prefer to be sexually open but emotionally monogamous,” says sex and relationship therapist Joe Kort. “They can have lovers on the side and not have it be a threat to the relationship.”
It’s a type of male coupledom that sex columnist Dan Savage has famously termed “monogamish”.

Unknown said...

Yuk. He was a principal author of the Catechism. Should we throw it away?

Barona said...

At one time the Cardinal was sound theologically. One wonders what has caused this: is he being blackmailed?

raphaelheals said...

The Cardinal has fallen prey to what so many in the culture of death have fallen to. His close relationship with this gay man and his now new lover has numbed him into thinking...."They are so nice!" Being around gay couples can be a real temptation for many, especially parents, who so want to love their children that they put admonishing them on the back burner. They fail to realize that authentic love means telling them the truth. I saw that happen to a relative of mine who fell in love with a young woman and because she had a gay brother who had a partner,he totally accepted her brother in order to keep the young woman happy. The smoke of Satan that Paul V1 spoke of is the same smoke that is blinding many to the reality of the sin of homosexuality

Lynda said...

Satanic. It is better to pertinaciouly and manifestly persist in depravity that cries out to God for vengeance than to engage in such sun for just a short time . . .