Thursday, 24 September 2015

Cardinal Nichols - a "sting in the tail" is better than a sacrilege!

Ah, Cardinal Nichols, what a happy inclusive old chap. 

When he's not terrorising priests and bloggers he likes to receive blessings from pagan priests. 

The good Cardinal, clearly on the side of the Kasperites, says that:
“Many write of happy and fulfilling marriages but often with a sting in the tail regarding their children having difficult and broken relationships and not keeping the faith. Time and again respondents refer to the pain and suffering caused by the denial of the sacraments to those whose marriages have failed and have divorced and remarried. The disturbing and damaging effect on children is frequently referred to.” 
All sentimentalism and emotionalism.

Because if they're "divorced and remarried" they are in a state of adultery!

But the Pope has come up with the perfect solution.

Water down the annulment process that not a bit of it matters anymore.

Problem solved, ipso facto.

Truly, these are evil men.

Read the rest of it at Catholic Herald.

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