Sunday, 13 September 2015

BREAKING: German Bishop wants the Church to bless homosexual "unions ... assist them with prayer and a private form of blessing..."

Homosexualist Bishop Franz-Josef Bode
Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness has the breaking story!

...the Church can help civil unions in discussion and provide positive support and assist them...with prayer and a private form of blessing you will be able to accompany them on their way... 

The whole translation of the interview is now available at Catholic Conclave.

This homosexualist cleric (I don't necessarily mean that he is a sodomite, as homosexualism is a fascist political movement) is a delegate to Pope Francis' upcoming Synod from Hell.

Pope Francis, this is your doing. You have called a Synod and instead of dealing with the crisis in the family you allow these pathetic clerics to raise issues that have nothing to do with the family.

The Church is being scourged as was Our Blessed Lord at the pillar. It is being scourged by deceitful men. Freemasons and sodomites who wear cassocks have infiltrated Her and think they have the final word. Some of them are in the curia, some head dioceses and seminaries, some are even media talking-heads. You will be outed.

Schism is coming. May the LORD help us to endure it. May we flee to the protection of the Immaculate Heart. 


Anonymous said...

Don says:
The land of Luther.
The fruits of Luther.

Pray for those poor families in Germany, that are trying to raise their children in such a dark place.

Need proof of the evils of the protestant revolt?

Barona said...

ANother question looms in my mind: how is it possible that this man remains a delegate? What good can he offer? He should repent, resign from the episcopate. And what of the other German bishops? How can they "tolerate" him? Are they of like mind? We must presume so. I am beginning to wonder how much blackmail is playing a role in all of this. What secrets are known on bishops who covered up homosexual activity in seminaries (when they were rectors years ago); or on bishops who did nothing about child abuse? What power is being held over these men? Some seemed solid in their Faith (e.g. Schonborn), to then go "crazy". Is this craziness or the result of blackmail? Where there is homosexuality there is blackmail. We also need to look back along the timeline of when these men were ordained. To my understanding, the 70s and 80s were the high watermark of homosexual seminary activity. many of these men have now go on to positions of authority: professors, rectors, bishops and so on.

Sandpiper said...

Keep up your valiant work Vox, in exposing these cockroaches. My Sunday is going better than expected as bishop Morlino has retracted his condemnation of the SSPX. Vox, I would encourage you to have nothing to do with those who accuse the SSPX of being in schism and their 600 priests in a state of mortal sin or equating their masses to "black masses". They are simply propping up the Novusordo church revolutionaries.

Anonymous said...

Don says.
I think there is room for concern regarding the SSPX.
I am troubled at the thought of how many good, and needed Catholics leave the field, for the sspx.
I believe the enemies of the church could not be happier, than to see those good Catholics leave the fight.

I sympathize with Bishop Morlino. There are no doubt many good faithful Bishops, and priests. They NEED the support, and prayers of faithful Catholics.
The Church Militant needs Her soldiers...You cannot win a battle or support the Shepherds from outside the walls hurling epitaphs at the enemy.
It takes more courage in my opinion, to stay when it is painful, and ugly than to separate oneself to pursue and unsure/uncertain peace.
The Bride of Christ is worth defending, in season and out of season.

ps. I do not agree with the terrible accusations, or comparisons used to described the sspx as quoted above by Sanpiper.
I do pray those that speak with such bold, crassness would find that same courage to speak against those within the Church causing Her so much harm.

Sandpiper said...

I am not describing the SSPX above--I'm describing what other evil people say about the SSPX. The SSPX have preserved the true faith and liturgy! Others, like a guy out of a warehouse in the Midwest slander the SSPX!

Sandpiper said...

All faithful Catholics should boycott Novus Ordo parishes whenever possible and support the SSPX, the FFSP, and the TLM wherever it is said. The Novus Ordo destroys Faith.

Sandpiper said...

I've re-read your post Anonymous 5:12 and I see you did understand me, after all. The Faith is a total wreck in my diocese. There is one TLM weekly at a very unusual time. We have total heresy preached from the pulpit and the sodomite booster Father Radcliffe hosted by the diocese. My chdren have heard terrible pronouncements from the pulpit. The music is ghastly. The churches are wreckovations or architectural monstrosities. The Novus Ordochurch does not deserve our support.

Sandpiper said...

If you can't handle the SSPX, go to an FSSP parish, or a parish where the TLM is offered.

The Novus Ordo must be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sanpiper
I am truly sorry for the sad state of the church around you.
I lament it, and my fellow Catholics and I pray for God`s mercy upon us.
I have children also, so I relate to your very real concerns and worries.
Very difficult times for us.
In the Immaculate Heart of Mary

TLM said...

Barona, the possibility of blackmail has never entered my mind, but you have a solid point. We really don't know what is happening behind the scenes, there could be all sorts of scenarios playing out. But, I do remember Bishop Schneider (God Bless and Keep this faithful man) saying in an interview that regardless of consequences the Bishops MUST speak the truth of Christ in the Gospel. He said something like: 'So it ends up they out you and you're not a Bishop anymore', but you have stood on the side of Christ, so you have not risked your eternal soul.' Then he said: 'So you are only a Bishop for so many years here on earth, but your ETERNITY is everlasting'. He then shrugged his shoulders and said: ' If they get rid of me, they do, but I can then stand before the Lord God clear and free, and my eternity will last forever.'

COURAGE is what it takes, we need to pray for them for every drop of spiritual courage that they need to stand for Christ. COURAGE is what a good number of our Bishops are lacking. Pray for the grace of tremendous courage for our Bishops!

Lynda said...

To bless the sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance is satanic - and a sin so grievous it doesn't bear thinking about.

Anonymous said...

My eyes fill with tears when I read this. How this hurts the Catholic church that is already hurting. If this happens more people will leave the church. our lord did not want us to compromise on his teachings. Look what God did to Sodom . Do we want that to happen to us? What is wrong with the leaders of the church. Ever read the Book AA1025 of all the communist that infiltrated the Church. These cardnals
must be amoung them.

Unknown said...

All one needs to do is read Windswept House to know exactly what is going on. Also, read what Father Villa has to say about our church being infiltrated, the should be no surprises in anything that is happening to the church in these times.
We are in the times that Our Lady of Fatima shared with the children, be alert and know God has a plan. We all need to be ready in this era to be prepared to lay down our lives for TRUTH. God Help Us.