Sunday, 27 September 2015

Selfish "selfie" Presbyters, arrogant abusive priests. Abusive to Our Lord, His Holy Sacrifice and abusive to the Catholic faithful they lead astray

How scandalous, how ridiculous are you men, you arrogant and sycophantic supposed Priests of Jesus Christ. You bring cameras to the Altar of Sacrifice. You bring these and you mock Calvary and the Cross. Do you even believe? 

Well, your brother in the top left certainly does and he is aghast at your petulance.  

Your snivelling, grovelling, puerile disbelieving inanity. Look at you, feminised emasculated presbyters. You are the same ones that deny Gregorian chant to your parishioners or a little Latin now and then or fight against the traditional Rite. You're the same scandalous lot that won't preach on abortion or sodomy, the same despicable cabal that stood by whilst your the pervert pederast and sodomite priests in your rank committed abuses and perversion on boys and some girls. You disgusting clerics are the ones who tore out altars and destroyed the liturgy. You have given yourselves away in your arrogance and your corruption. You follow another god. You follow an antichrist.

Every one of you, objectively speaking, will celebrate Mass today in a state of mortal sin for what you did, the sin of sacrilege.

And this sweaty nosed emasculated presbyter has such an ego he put it out for the whole world to see.

How many priest perverts covered up in Philadelphia Cardinal Bevilacqua?

How many parishes closed Archbishop Chaput?

How many lost souls? Destroyed lives? Money paid to lawyers to defend your filthy selves against the just claims of victims.

Liturgical and sexual perverts, the whole lot of you disgusts me.


Please, let us all say a prayer for Father S.P. who's picture I have removed at his request. I am moved by the humility of his letter to me.

God bless you Father Paolino. Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum, benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructis ventris tui. Jesus! Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis, peccatoribus, nunc et in ora mortis nostrae, Amen.

Our Lady Mother of Priests, pray for all priests of your Son!


Joe Sales said...

Well said Vox

Warren said...

It's simply astonishing that a priest would take a selfie during Mass. I share your disgust at such outrageous behaviour.

Our Lord's scathing rebuke of the "look-at-me" scribes and pharisees comes to mind (St. Matthew chapters 23 and 25). Fr. Paolino has his reward (St. Matthew 6:5).

Maudie N Mandeville said...

The Holy Father obviously was not upset about being the focus of attention during the Sacrifice of the Mass. Versus populum made rock stars out of Protestant televangelists and the Protestant laity 'shop' for a preacher they like who has the right voice, smile and hair. The perfunctory demise of ad orientem was as much the result of jealous priests and bishops as a loss of faith.

'And Jesus entered into the temple [of God], and cast out all that sold and bought in the temple...' They didn't have cameras in illo tempore or He would have tossed them out, also. We are "rudderless."

Sandpiper said...

Magnificently stated Vox. Some say it's going to get a lot worse. That's hard to fathom, but we must be prepared. Keep that keyboard humming, Vox. You are on the frontline of this cosmic battle.

PS: Include yourself in those described above Father Rosica. Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand. You don't want to be aligned with the perverts, do you?

M. Prodigal said...

Perhaps they do not know, or longer believe it is a Holy Sacrifice and the offering in an unbloody manner the Son of God to the Father.

Yes, it could be questioned if this kind would ever preach the 'hard' teachings of the know the ones that lead to salvation.

But climate change, immigration, the death sentence, environment---all rabbit holes to distract from the knowledge of sin and the need for a Savior. Not to mention that there is a hell, it is hot and lasts forever and many--said The Lord--are those that go there.

Anonymous said...

What a small, sad person you come off as in this post. The Holy Father's visit is an occasion for joy. Your venom is predictable and disappointing. Peace, Vox.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond a disgrace!!! Taking selfies at that altar...Lord, have mercy on us! They are probably Novus Ordo priests ordained after 1968. I can't imagine a real, traditional, Latin Mass only priest doing this.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Pope was just arriving at the meeting, uh, I mean Mass. Still father looks like an undignified, happy hireling. God bless you Vox.

Vox Cantoris said...

Anonymous said...
What a small, sad person you come off as in this post. The Holy Father's visit is an occasion for joy. Your venom is predictable and disappointing. Peace, Vox.

My dear Anonymous Friend, Father I presume,

So, clearly you think its okay for these priests to be using cameras?

Why don't you answer that situation?

Clearly, you are alone here in your opinion but welcome here anytime.

Sued anyone lately?

XFitr4Life said...

Tell us what you really think, Vox! I can only imagine the types of liturgical abuses Rev. Paolino (sweaty-nosed, emasculated presbyter) may allow in his parish if even he believes taking a ridiculous selfie in the middle of the Holy Sacrifice (although highly dubious considering this is N.O) is acceptable. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Now that the Altar of Sacrifice has been replaced by a table the Mass is regarded as a supper .

Lynda said...

Scandal upon scandal. They do not even nod to God while purporting to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. There are no words for the continual public and flagrant offences against God, led by the putative Pope Francis. Lord, have mercy!

Michael Dowd said...

Most Catholics are loving every minute of this nonsense. Unfortunately, as you point out Vox, the love they perceive is self-love. The love of Christ and our unselfish response is no where to be found. This is a scandal but few are scandalized, just as many are called and few are chosen. Let us pray that God in his mercy enlighten them before they reach the point of no return.

Anonymous said...

We are back to the days of the French Revolution and the Arian heresy.

Keep far from these men and what they purport to be Catholicism.

Our Lord will not be mocked for long.

God bless all of you here, and all those who see what is going on and speak out against this blasphemy and sacrilege.

Anna said...

While teaching catechism to my 3 young children, explaining the real presence of Our Lord and Saviour, one of my children asked "why do people take Jesus on their hands? little pieces will stay and they'll wash Jesus down the drain" out of the mouths of babes....It all comes down to how much faith one has. Children have the privilege and blessing of having a pure faith, they understand and believe deeper than a lot of our clergy, than a lot of the 'faithful Catholics' - you know the ones who name call (modern day Pharisees are the faithful who go to church every Sunday and follow the Lord's commandments -- eh, hem ) False mercy, false faith is being spread from our pulpits, how can people sitting in the pews show reverence (unless their own faith in God strong) if the priest who is given such gifts and graces, who 'performs' (and I say that for a reason) the sacrifice of Holy Mass show no reverence (ie. taking selfies) Hurrying or looking at their watch, how can you expect people who are searching, who are trying to be a better Catholic, how can they learn from such examples. Priests have time for 3-sometimes 10min announcements, guest speakers during Mass, but for handing out Holy Communion, we need to hurry, quick, quick people, let's get as many Eucharistic ministers, because God forbid only two priests handed out communion, that would take what, oh maybe 5-10mintues longer, we don't have time for that right? God have mercy on us all, Pray hard people, this will get much worse before is gets better. Just remember that everything is in God's hands, He will have the final say. We must remember the example of our Blessed Mother Mary, she persevered and submitted her will to the will of God, she endured watching her Holy Son suffer and die, knowing, trusting that in the end He would triumph...through all trials, remember Mary and offer your tribulations to God in union with the suffering of Christ through the Immaculate heart of Mary. God Bless you Vox, Keep up your work, we need someone on top of these scandals, we cannot be blind to what is going on around us. Evil must be exposed to be defeated.

Anonymous said...

This is the story of a priest who got a second chance

CatholicNI said...

God tests the faith of the John-Paul junkies and they keep failing. It is the Vatican Commune sillies. All are equal and there is no pope. Even they know there is no pope. Just a front-man.