Saturday, 26 September 2015

Bravo Cardinal Dolan - Bravo for permitting this travesty, this scandal.

So, who thought this was a good idea? 

Mo Rocca has not renounced the "gay lifestyle," on the contrary. Lector at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the presence of the Pope? I'd never heard of Mo Rocca, I must live a sheltered life. Apparently, he's quite the dandy. 

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Mo and the boys. I bet his mother's really impressed.

The man in the middle having his nipple massaged by another man read the First Reading at the Mass in the presence of Pope Francis in New York.
Mo Rocca with his clothes on. 

Let us be clear. This man is not part of the Courage Apostolate struggling to overcome the sin of sodomy and a same-sex attracted life. This is an activist and advocate of so-called same-sex marriage. I am a sinner but I cannot commit a public scandal and expect to read at Mass. 

What a disgusting and pathetic occurrence permitted by Cardinal Bravo.

Get angry people.  Get bloody angry now.


Maudie N Mandeville said...

In their class, 'The New and Finally Correct After 2000 Years, Catechism Instruction of His Holiness, Pope Francis', the students were asked, "Why was Mo Rocca asked to deliver a reading at the Mass with the pope?"
"I know! I know!," said the little boy while waving his hand in the air. "They have 'gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community' according to Pope Francis' Relatio #50."

Sandpiper said...

Love that one Maudie. We need to hear more from you.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for playing devil's advocate here. I'm sure (because I know a few) that LGBT people have gifts. Some are brilliant sculptures, singers, photographers, they do have gifts, and put to work inside the Church I'm sure they can contribute.

Allowing them to do this will not win them a ticket to Heaven, unless they repent and sin no more (something I find difficult regarding other maybe less scandalous sins).

The trouble for me is: do I want the promotion of their "pride" so close to my kids?

I'm not willing to accept their "behaviour" or sexual choice is natural.

Barona said...

The grave crime committed in the use of this man must be trumpeted from the rooftops. The fact that the hierarchs and the mainstream "Catholic" media is covering up speaks volumes. They intend to bring sodomy in under cover. Once you get these journalists hooked with a bit of cash, you can work wonders with them!

As Fr. Rosica's underling, Alicia Ambrosio said on The Agenda:" I said before it means on the ground level, it's not going to be acceptable to other faithful, it's not going to acceptable to exclude someone who has a sincere thirst for God, and has a sincere desire to practice their faith, but is either in a same-sex relationship, or is divorced and remarried; it's not going to be acceptable to exclude that person anymore and that's huge"!

Just say you have a "sincere thirst", and there you go: an active, militant sodomite reading away at a Papal Mass. But infinitely worse: did this public sinner go to Holy Communion? Perhaps he had a last minute conversion. Good. However, public sin needs public retraction and repentance. This entire incident is a horrible scandal.

Michael Dowd said...

How outrageous it all is. And most disturbing is the non-reaction of most Catholics. Nearly everyone thinks what the Pope is doing is so inclusive, so merciful, so humble and positively saintly. It is this blindness that has me most concerned. Why can't something so obvious be seen? Is this blindness caused by a massive loss of faith? Is this what Christ was alluding to upon His return?

Lynda said...

The enemies of God and of the Holy Faith are in control of the institutions of the Church. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

TLM said...

Vox, you are sounding like Steve Skojec at OnePeterFive.......if you listen to his latest podcast, he is seething with anger at how the Church of Christ is being destroyed by the wolves and 'mainstream' Catholic media is adoring the Pope and wanting to canonize him while he still 'walks among us'. Our beloved Fr. Rosica has even called him the 'Prince of Peace'! A title reserved for Our Lord Jesus Himself!!! Not to speak of the Congressman who grabbed the Pope's drinking glass after his speech to Congress and he and his whole family took a sip and then dipped their hands in it to bless themselves!!!! THIS ADORATION OF THIS MAN IS DIABOLICAL DISORIENTATION TO THE FULLEST!! COMPLETE SATANIC INSANITY!!!!! As Steve has said: 'This is getting very creepy'. CREEPY DOESN'T DESCRIBE THIS DISORIENTATION! DIABOLIC DOES!

Sandpiper said...

Exactly Michael! Why this massive misunderstanding of the Faith? Isn't truth written on our hearts? Don't we thirst for it? Isn't sodomy and that deprived lifestyle repellent to men and women of good will? It's the mystery of iniquity I guess.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to you, Vox, to find the photo and video of Mo. They are so revealing of the "gay" outlook on life. Thank you for this post. It shows how even when the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is involved, Francis, Dolan, and company follow their unholy agenda.