Saturday, 19 September 2015

Gay couples could get the Pope's blessing: Francis set to discuss plans with cardinals at key Vatican gathering next month

I bet that the title of this post got your attention!

It is not my title, it is the title from an article at the Daily Mail. 

Now, before you opine that it is a tabloid rag and not traditional journalism, that is hardly the point. It is an actual newspaper with tens of thousands of readers and millions on the Internet. The headline is attention getting and the low information reader (most of them, I imagine) and the stupid, non-catechised Catholic (the rest of them) will point to it and believe it. What is worse is, they may actually read it and that would convince them!

It is a terribly incomplete article that cannot be called journalism, but that is not the point.

The point is, the Pope's careless words "who am I to judge" have been used time and time again by the enemies of the Church, the enemies of Truth, the enemies of Christ. The words of the German bishop Bode, written up here on Vox two weeks ago, have been quoted to indicate that it is a certainty.

The fault of this article lies with the unprofessional journalist that wrote it including leaving the reader hanging on the matter of abortion that the Church now has a "softer tone."

The greater fault lies with the Pope who has been careless and imprudent and irresponsible with his off-the-cuff comments (and he doesn't seem to learn from it) and the heretical Bishop Bode (in full communion) who would think in the manner that he does and spout error and lies from his filthy mouth.

Bishop Bode, you are a liar and a deceiver. Repent now or get out!

Christ will not be mocked.

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Gay couples could get the Pope's blessing: Francis set to discuss plans with cardinals at key Vatican gathering next month.

Prospect of a major concession to same-sex rights was aired yesterday.

It came ahead of a key gathering of cardinals at the Vatican next month.

Pope is set to discuss plans for priests to give a blessing to gay couples 

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Pope Francis (pictured in St. Peter's Square, Vatican City, yesterday) is set to discuss plans for Roman Catholic priests to give a blessing to gay couples
Pope Francis (pictured in St. Peter's Square, Vatican City,
 yesterday) is set to discuss plans for Roman Catholic
priests to give a blessing to gay couples

The Pope is set to discuss plans for Roman Catholic priests to give a blessing to gay couples.
The prospect of a major concession to gay rights was aired yesterday ahead of a key gathering of cardinals at the Vatican next month.  
Pope Francis has already set in motion a new liberal approach to another major source of conflict over sex and marriage among Catholics – the attitude of the church to divorced and remarried couples.
He has announced a fast-track scheme to allow divorced Catholics to have their marriages annulled so they can remarry and remain full members of the church.
Now, a similar reform to help gay couples will also come under consideration. 
The idea of blessings for gay relationships was acknowledged by a German bishop who will be among those making decisions at the Vatican synod on the family.
Bishop Franz-Josef Bode, one of three delegates from the liberal German church, told a Roman Catholic news agency that Roman Catholics already agree that there is to be no unjust discrimination against homosexual couples.
He added that it is important that the church should see their 'strengths and not only their weaknesses and deficiencies'.
The Bishop of Osnabruck said that while the church should treat gay couples in 'a positive way', their relationships could not be 'something that would be equal to a marriage'.
However, he added: 'But, with prayers and a private form of a blessing, one will be able to accompany them on their way.'
Bishop Bode's views are thought to have support from a strong body of less outspoken prelates who will be influential at next month's gathering. 
Any new liberal attitude to homosexuality that emerges from the family synod will provoke anger among Catholic conservatives and may make it hard for the Vatican to keep a lid on potential conflicts.
Yesterday a prominent conservative publishing house put out a report which said the synod is likely to introduce gay blessings under the guise of reforms to 'pastoral practice'.
The paper by analyst Edward Pention, put out by Ignatius Press, an imprint from the same Jesuit tradition that produced Pope Francis, said there are likely to be 'subtle attempts to circumvent church teaching'. 
It said that participants in the synod aim 'to emphasise innovative pastoral practice that many others see as being at odds with the church's doctrine'.
The paper added: 'Notwithstanding Pope Francis' wishes for an open discussion yielding a well-grounded unity, the next synod may result in even more confusion and dissension.'
The marriage annulment reform plans made public last week were the first practical liberalisation since Francis was elected in 2013.
The Pope has frequently hinted at his wish to soften Catholic teaching on sex and marriage.
Referring to gay people, Francis said in 2013 that 'we must be brothers'. 
He added: 'If a person is gay and seeks God and has goodwill, who am I to judge him?'
Earlier this month, he signalled a softer approach to abortion by extending to all priests the power to forgive a woman who has had an abortion if she makes clear her repentance. 


M. Prodigal said...

No priest, deacon, cardinal, bishop or even pope can bless a gay 'couple' because that would be formal cooperation with their sin, an intrinsic evil, and would be mortal sin for one who did the blessing. Period. They would risk their own souls as well as confirming others in grave sin.

TLM said...


Eskimo said...

Analyzing the positions of certain priests, bishops and cardinals can see that these are not Catholics . Yes , they are wolves dressed lamb . They entered the seminary with intent to destroy the Church of God. Jesus renounced Satan to follow the path that the Father assigned him . On the contrary now we have the new church that follows the path of man, the world.
To prove my point last Sunday the priest of my parish (XXV Sunday based his sermon on Isaiah 22:13 .
Only praying . The podium is infested . Soon his going to replace the Dome of the Basilica of St. Peter cross by the hammer and sickle.