Tuesday, 1 September 2015

CRUX News "Not" blocks Vox Cantoris from leaving comments!

Well, I guess I'll have to use my alter ego.

In a note from the Editor, it seems that I said some unpleasant things there about Cardinal Kasper. "We're not interested in having comments on Crux that are uncivil."


That's rich! 

So, people spouting heresy on Crux are okay but someone being "uncivil" for calling out Cardinal Kasper for his racist statements about Africa are not?

What if someone came around today on Crux and used words to describe someone such as "viper" or "whitewashed sepulchre" would they be banned too?



Anonymous said...

While you are posting on Crux, please inform them that Holy Communion is not "taken"...it is RECEIVED. Typical theologically challenged Novus Ordos.

Anonymous said...

Same thing Mark Shea does. Make a good, clear point and get blocked.

cenlacatholic said...

Hey, I had a similar experience with Church Militant. I am currently banned--for speaking with a moderator after they attacked a commenter. I mentioned how unnecessary the mod's comment was, then a few posts later, like clockwork, somehow the moderator turned the discussion toward the SSPX-when the SSPX wasn't even remotely a part of the discussion.

There's some serious issues swirling over at CM.

Anonymous said...

Crux is a very low rent version of National Catholic Reporter and imperiously heterodox as only a New Englander can manage, where the same broken and bizarre personae from NCR vent their fury and spite about the faith and its teachings on any morality that falls outside of the Leftist political purview of niceness and a light touch for evil.

One post about the infamy of Church leaders sanctioning the renaming of a square in Rome after Heretic Luther had a such a collection of miscreants and odd balls praising every Heretic from Huss to today without bothering to understand any of their heresies that it was comic.

I thought that it was a prime example of what ancient and wrong is always new and exciting for people seeped in error.

Bravo on your banning but I would not waste your time.

Unknown said...

I've been put on the No Comment terrorist list for countering their Apostasy. They are not Catholic and favor anything that is against Catholic Dogma. Crux is ran out of the Boston Globe a Marxist newspaper who has no love for the Roman Catholic Church. Basically Crux is a fraud and should be called out.

Anonymous said...

Crux seems to be blocking all conservative commenters. It seems that conservatives were too effectively pointing out the extreme silliness of the liberal commetners positions, and therefore they had to be stifled, so they started kicking all of them off. They allow a very few, but the ones who could martial facts and evidence to show that the liberal commenters often were misrepresenting the truth have all been locked out. These commenters were quite effective for a time, and were successful at pointing out various errors in the reporting that was presented. but the purpose of Crux is really to support the gay agenda, it seems. They run stories by the most anti Catholic sources, such as the gay funded Religion News service. which was until recently headed up by a gay man who refused to let anyone know he was gay, because it would have been obvious that the Religion News service was a sham designed, like Crux, to undercut the church.