A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 1 September 2015

Former employee reports: "Catholic bishops complicit in scandalous sabotage of the pro-life cause in Canada!"

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about the Canadian election and the Pro-Life movement. Steve Jalsevac of LifeSiteNews wrote a letter to me challenging my thinking. With Steve's permission, I reprinted that letter.

Steve articulated a history of manipulation by the Bishops' Conference and literal thuggery by politicians on the issue. His letter is must read.

Lea Z. Singh is a freelance writer, activist, lawyer and mother. She was born behind the Iron Curtain in the days of Communism and raised in Edmonton. She is a graduate of the United World College of the Atlantic, Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School. Lea blogs at Culture Witness.

She also worked for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In her most recent blog post. Lea writes about the letter which Steve sent to me and that I posted on the blog. She adds to the facts from her own experiences at the CCCB. It is chilling and revealing of a scandal of proportions not seen since the Winnipeg Statement.

This story has legs and it must be told. 


Is Jalsevac right? My experience at the CCCB
Jalsevac makes some very serious allegations about the Catholic Church's destructive role in the battle against abortion in Canada. Is he right?
As someone who worked at the CCCB headquarters for five years from 2005-2009, and had an inside view of the CCCB as Assistant Director of the Catholic Organization for Life and Family, I suspect that Jalsevac is shedding light on a real and scandalous problem with the Canadian Catholic Church.
The permanent sulk
Most people are not aware that the CCCB holds a petty adolescent grudge against Campaign Life Coalition and its news organization, LifeSiteNews - Steve Jalsevac's employer.
This grudge was one of the first things that I noticed when I first joined COLF in the summer of 2005. For instance, I was (unofficially) discouraged from circulating LifeSiteNews stories by email to the Bishops and Secretariat, or referencing LifeSiteNews as a source in internal documents. LifeSiteNews was considered extreme and lacking in credibility, and there was distrust towards the leadership of Campaign Life.
It's all about the money
The Catholic Church in Canada lives in fear. Not of the culture of death, but of Canadian tax laws.
The Canadian Income Tax specifies that charities must cap their involvement in political activity at 10% of their total activity. The Catholic Church is a registered charity, and it makes a lot of money with that status. Many parishioners all across Canada donate to their local parishes each Sunday with the understanding that they will receive tax deductions for their donations. How many people would stop donating, or would donate substantially less, if the Church was no longer able to provide them with tax receipts?

This is a damning condemnation, the second in the last week, of the manipulation, the deceit and the betrayal of Catholics in Canada by their own bishops and the minions that surround them in their Conference.

Nothing less than a complete house-cleaning at the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and a public acknowledgement before God and Canadian Catholics of their failure to teach and sanctify whilst undermining the work of the laity for Life!

Not one penny. Not for CCCB, not for Development & Peace and not for Pastoral Campaigns with flashy names. Give funds to your priest directly or the "building fund" of your parish. The only way to teach these men because "It's all about money" is with money and lack thereof.


TLM said...

Yes indeed Vox, I have been withholding money from our USCCB now for quite some time because of the shenanigans going on with money going to pro abort, pro homosexual lobby organizations. I now give more to traditional parishes and none of the Bishops' 'campaign drives' that they change the names to every year to throw people off. In fact, I'm happy to say that not many of our Parishioners give either....the word has gotten out to a great degree.

Freyr said...

This does not begin with the bishops but with the ordinary parishioner. I will not accept a tax receipt from my parish or SVDP. I do not participate in the envelope system and when I do give money, I do so anonymously. The place to begin is to tear up your own tax receipts.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

And let's not forget the Winnipeg Statement that essentilly killed Humanae Vitae. The Canadain bishops have never had the courage to admit they made a huge moral error. And presently possibly not to lose Catholic school funding in Ontario, the bishops have allowed the radical sex curriculum to enter the schools. If students don't get the proper faith formation, the church pews that we are so busy refurbishing will soon be empty in Canada. We are getting the Church we deserve, nothing more and nothing less. God help Canada!

Unknown said...

Not really news and not really surprising either. If the CCCB was known to lock Lifesite out of its annual meetings, we shouldn't be surprised to know that the organization discouraged employees from circulating their news stories.

Anonymous said...


I disagree. I think you should use your tax receipts. If you don't, you're just increasing your taxes and giving the government more money to spend on its priorities.

And should you feel guilty about getting a refund (or better yet want to increase the impact of your charitable giving), then give your refund away as well.

After all, nowhere did Christ say that we had to render more to Caesar than we have to.

Unknown said...

These anti-Catholic Bishops should be kicked out of the Church and defrocked. Then they can go to their Protestant Cults where they should have went in the first place to spread their Apostasy and Culture of Death.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure giving your donations directly to the priest would keep it out of diocesan hands. Parishes must give a portion of their income to the diocese and I've heard (through reliable sources I won't reveal) that any large gifts (i.e. from wills) do not stay in the parish. Perhaps my sources (or my understanding) is wrong.