Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Pope Francis! You have appointed octogenarians Kasper, Sodano and Danneels to Synod but Hong Kong Cardinal John Tong Hong is too old and there are "no exceptions"

Hong Kong Cardinal deemed too old to go to family synod

Cardinal John Hong ton resized

The head of the largest Chinese Catholic diocese in the world will be absent from the synod on the family because he has been deemed to be too old.

Cardinal John Tong Hon of Hong Kong was not invited to participate in October’s synod because he is older than 75, UCA News reported.

“Now I know that I am not going to the synod,” the 76-year-old cardinal told ucanews.com in a late August interview.

The normal retirement age for bishops is 75.

The cardinal said he was told by a Vatican representative that the Vatican “does not want to make any exceptions” regarding age.

Cardinal Tong said he was unaware if another representative from Hong Kong was chosen in his place.

He knew only that he was “disqualified by age”, he said, laughing.

“They will find somebody . . . if they need somebody,” the cardinal said.

Pope Francis is 78 years old.

Synod participants in general are elected by local bishops’ conferences.

Hong Kong, a former British colony and the largest Chinese diocese in the world with a Catholic population of 560,000, remains a mission area and does not have its own bishops’ conference.

Some Hong Kong Catholics expressed disappointment that the diocese may not be represented at the synod.

“It is a pity that no one from Hong Kong is going,” said Francis Law, a member of a Chinese Facebook page called “Catholic Parents”.

Mr. Law said Hong Kong Catholics could contribute to discussions at the synod, expressing concerns about recent developments on same-sex unions around the world, particularly in the United States.

“These kinds of voices needs to be brought to the synod,” said Mr Law, who is a member of the Diocesan Youth Commission.

Cardinal Tong participated in last year’s extraordinary family synod.

The cardinal said he agreed family and marriage are the most fundamental issues facing the Church and believes the synod fathers will find ways to resolve outstanding issues in line with the Pope’s vision.


Barona said...

There we have it: "concerns about recent developments on same-sex unions...

So the Modernists had to ensure that the venerable Cardinal did no go.

How sad that the Chinese Catholics having suffered the most brutal persecution for the Faith, are now being scourged by former Apostles turned Judases.

Anonymous said...

Why is Cardinal Burke not among the chosen attendees? He's just among the world's foremost experts on canon law. The likely answer, of course, is not a harbinger of good things, as far as the Synod on the Family is concerned. Google his recent talk on marriage at Franciscan University (Steubenville). Burke for Pope!

John the Mad

Lynda said...

Well, he's being let away with it, so, he's not going to stop, or let any orthodox prelates that may still exist, get in his way.

Sandpiper said...

Evil rigging of the Synod. Another good and holy man who has been excluded is Archbishop Andre Leonard age 76, of Belgium. Pope Francis was on his retirement like white on rice!

Sandpiper said...

Do we know for sure Cardinal Burke won't be there? I thought all Cardinals were in attendance.

Sandpiper said...

And the sociopathic archbishop Blasé Cupich is going instead of archbishop Salvatore Cordelione the Lionhearted. I am heartbroken to learn a champion of the family like archbishop Cordelione was rejected! Keep all the good, holy, faithful prelates in your prayers. They must be sick at heart to see the destruction of Holy Mother Church. St Michael protect us in battle!

Unknown said...

I can assure you that Pope Francis and those who serve him do not care about your state of alarm on this issue.

Eskimo said...
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Eskimo said...

In few words I can say that FrancisI isn't the Pope of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church. Yes, some other roman church to save the environment not the way to save souls.
“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.
FrancisI, Kasper & C. LT. are so anti gospel, anti-Catholic that no Christians recognized it.
It is not necessary to evangelize, to convert to the only Church founded by Jesus Christ, according to Francis.
Up to now, nothing, absolutely nothing come out about faith and moral. There is a bunch of masons, communists and anti-Catholic installed in the Chair of St. Peter.
They know each other well and why are there. The mission was born long time ago shaped with CVII with only one mission: destroying the Holy Mother Church.
His Eminence Cardinal John Tong Hong not to be called? This is nothing. Francis, Kasper, etc. don't care what the world things. They are there not for the Church, not for our Lord JesusChrist but for the world.
Miserére mei, Deus, secúndum magnam misericórdiam tuam