Sunday, 20 September 2015

It is diabolical to say that to defend dogma is to go against the Pope!

"To begin to say that each nation can begin to decide fundamental questions about the faith and its practice is simply to deny the Catholicity of the Church and to introduce a Protestant principle which would lead then to national churches and once this principal of division enters in it will all simply multiply itself as it has done in the Protestant churches."

"The penitential way has to be a way to help the individual truly repent and repentance includes necessarily a change in one's life."

Sadly this concentration of the question of those in irregular unions and the possibility of offering them Holy Communion has a wider scope ... to begin to say that other individuals who are living in public sin should also receive the sacraments."

"Those of us who are defending what the Church has always taught and practiced are now called the enemies of the Pope."

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Anonymous said...

Against the devil(s):

Ecclesiam, Agni immaculati sponsam, vaferrimi hostes repleverunt amaritudinibus, inebriarunt absinthio; ad omnia desiderabilia eius impias miserunt manus. Ubi sedes beatissimi Petri et Cathedra veritatis ad lucem gentium constituta est, ibi thronum posuerunt abominationis et impietatis suae; ut percusso Pastore, et gregem disperdere valeant.

Be favorable to Thy Church, the Bride of the Lamb without spot, whose enemies have filled to overflowing with gall and inebriated with wormwood. They have laid profane hands upon Her most sacred treasures. Where the See of the most blessed Peter and the Chair of Truth has been constituted as a light to the nations, there they have placed a throne of their abomination and impiety; so that with the Pastor struck, they may prevail to disperse the flock.