Thursday, 1 October 2020

Where did Bergoglio get $20,000.000.00 to lose?


 30 September 2020 Posted by Marco Tosatti   

Marco Tosatti 

Dear Stilum curiali, 

Big Piece has found some good news. That is, he simply read it in La Repubblica; but with his usual acumen, he immediately pointed out its importance, in today's panorama of the Church in which the main topic now appears - in addition to migrants and ecology - money. I remember that John Paul II, when he died, left very little. some object. And if I remember correctly, he had never had a bank account in his life ... not even as a dad. Other times, other popes ... 


Bergoglio's "black" funds? 

This time the Pope's newspaper, the REPUBLIC, perhaps without realizing it, has made it big. 

In the eagerness to support and defend the poor pope, a meek, patient, merciful sparrow, innocent of everything, surrounded by vultures who deceive, betray, circumvent, exploit, etc. it damaged him not a little with an output worthy of the most sophisticated experts in religious hermeneutics. 

Headline on the front page in four columns: “HERE'S HOW THE POPE STOLEN MONEY”, subtitle: “They even withdrew £ 20 million from the Pontiff's confidential account”. 

Unbelievable! Does the Pope have a confidential account? 

An account of 20,000,000 pounds? (Twenty million pounds, about 45 billion old lire). 

But then the pauperist, egalitarian, migratory, ecological pope is very rich! 

And where did all these pounds come from? and what are they for? But why does a Pope have a "confidential" account? In pounds then. 

Damn, I said to myself, the Pope earns well, not like the president of INPS! 

But how come in pounds? Is her salary paid by Queen Elizabeth? How many suspects, mamma mia, thanks to these real estate transactions made in London ... 

When, it is said, John Paul II financially supported Solidarnosc, he did not do it with a confidential account ... 

But do you want to see that these are Bergoglio's "black funds" (deposited in a tax haven "alla carbonara e alla amatriciana"), in pounds because he doesn't trust the euro and the dollar? 

I would also like to point out that Repubblica's curious disturbing morbid attention to protecting Pope Bergoglio weakens the figure of the Pope of the holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church.

But did they just fall for it by mistake or did they do it on purpose? Do you want to see that Repubblica simulates support for Bergoglio to destroy the pope and the papacy? Poor fellow, our Rafael Brotero will write, his friend Scalfari also cheated him ... 

Continually explaining that Bergoglio has been cheated and circumvented continuously and in every activity by a mass of criminals, for 7 years, Repubblica seems to be defending Bergoglio, but it makes the figure of a Pope lose credibility, who lets himself be fooled by everyone, including his friends , for seven years. And all this in a Church made up of scammers, criminals & co. Disturbing, isn't it? 

By saying that they stole 20 million pounds from him, Repubblica seems to say that there are thieves around him, but also that he had a treasure, in his reserved account, 20 million pounds ... 

While the "clericalissima" Repubblica headlines its exhilarating defense of Bergoglio on the front page in four columns, plus the first two entire subsequent pages ("The sack of the Vatican. The Pope's account also emptied"), the most secular (and disappointed by Bergoglio) Corriere, on the other hand, deals with the real issues of the country (“The industrialists press Conte”) relegating the financial stories of Bergoglio, Becciu & co to the inside pages of the news (page 24). 

Readers of the Corriere are more interested in poor Italy and poor Italians, rather than the rich Pope in a poor Church. Curiously, this seems to interest only the Republic.


Unknown said...

Thanks for your article.
Is it 20M in dollars or in pounds?
Also, blue letters are not easy readable on brown background.


Johnno said...

Probably saved up from all the red shoes he didn't buy, and only riding public transit.

Tom A. said...

From China probably.