A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday 21 October 2020


Nothing surprises anymore. Nothing emanating from the corrupted and darkened intellect of this evil and monstrous man, this Argentinian boil on the "Seat" of Peter. 

How much more? How much longer must we endure this rotten man and his filthy mind, his heresy and his hatred of all things Catholic? How much longer do we need to endure our corrupted and blackmailed episcopacy?

Evil. Evil. Evil. There is no other word that can describe Jorge Mario Bergoglio!

Here is a video in his own words.


He does not serve Our Lord, he does not serve me or you, dear friend. He is an abomination. He has become the Whore of Babylon. He must be denounced and mocked and derided by every Catholic. Pray for him, go ahead. I pray to end of him, God have mercy upon me for that.

May God in heaven hear our cries and deliver His Holy Catholic Church from these evil and satanic poseurs and provocateurs!

May St. Joseph open Bergoglio's eyes, or close them forever!



M. Prodigal said...

Well, this man from Argentina has surrounded himself with homosexuals and also welcomed them at the Vatican. He has done less than nothing to clean up the homosexual sins of the clergy that has caused and continues to cause great harm to souls.

Brian said...

Should we be surprised, disgusted yes but not surprised? He is, at the Papal level, the full unfolding of the rotten fruit that triumphed at Vatican II. The stench is truly unbearable. Perhaps a better title for this film, would be "The Creature from the Modernist Lagoon", starring Jorge Bergoglio. Lots more coming from Modernist Rome. Does the SSPX still want to have some sort of arrangement with this sewer? Think of all the homosexual bishops who are delighted with this latest from Bergoglio.

Johnno said...

I'm not surprised, he's been open about this for years.

But I still expect certain people to go to bat for him with the same reckless blind enthusiasm they do for Joe Biden. Birds of a feather, these two. One a fake Pope. The other a fake Presidential candidate.

Tom A. said...

“How much longer?” In a matter of seconds you can all rid yourself of Bergoglio. Stop going to any church or chapel that puts Bergoglio’s evil heretical name in the Canon. Stop equating the NO fake church with the Catholic Church. Once you take these steps you will be done with Bergoglio and his heretical minions for good. No longer will that evil man and his sodomitical henchmen torment your soul. Just admit the truth, “you are not in union with Francis or your local sodomite bishop.”

Contra Sedevacantism said...

he's not talking about gay civil unions


Anonymous said...

Thank God for Archbishop Lefebrve!

Vox Cantoris said...

Then please, do tell us what he is talking about.

The man is a stupid clown and evil. He can't speak clearly in any language.

A Jesuit?

What low standards.