Friday, 30 October 2020

Carlo Maria Viganò to President Trump and the American People!

My dear American people,

Please understand that what you do on Tuesday affects the rest of the world. 

There was a time that that there were two things standing in the way of globalist Marxist hegemony. The Catholic Church and the United States of America.

Under the Marxist Jorge Mario Bergoglio, there is now only one thing.

Do your duty to your history and for the rest of us.



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Anonymous said...

Vox, why didn't you publish this from VIGANO... THE WHOLE TRUTH???

Kathleen1031 said...

The momentum is Donald Trump's. Please God, it will continue. This man has had to battle a media which has committed suicide right in front of our eyes. Right after Bernard Goldberg, the actual journalist, wrote his book about Media Bias, I realized that the media had to be paid by somebody and it wasn't subscriptions or anything like that. They were beholden to some invisible entity. I always thought it was someone like a George Soros, but I doubt that is the case. They are being funded by really deep pockets, most likely Chinese pockets. Now it all makes sense, why Joe Biden, why was he the Democrats choice for the nomination. Really? Now we know why. They own him, they own the media, they own universities and colleges, they pay theatrical groups and fund this and that. They are deep into this country.
And Donald Trump is doing the impossible. God bless him, God be with him, God continue to guide and protect him. And may God bless America with four more years of him.