Thursday, 29 October 2020

Upset readers over posting of pervert Basilians - some prefer cover-up. "Better that scandal arise than the truth be suppressed." - St. Gregory the Great

It seems that some are upset that I have posted this matter of the perverted Basilian priests and in particular, the bedpan carrying serial plagiarist, Thomas J. Rosica. I have received harassing and abusive messages and posts on Facebook. He is now blocked, (sorry Zacchaeus Neil Capasso). You cannot come on my page and publicly call me "evil" and then send me private messages insulting me and deriding me and not be publicly outed for it. Perhaps yous should now make your Facebook, private.

This kind of Catholic who hides behind his "prayer" and yet his prayer directs him to send abusive and spiteful messages is suffering delusion. He is also a hypocrite. I've dealt with this type of barking madman for years because of this blog and my refusal to stay silent in the face of evil. They think they pray and then God tells them to send abusive emails and messages. 

So, we shall post it again.

No cover up. Not now. Not ever! 


Peter Lamb said...

Vox miles Christi !

Anonymous said...

Sweep Out the Filth !!
If you do not it will become a place of vermin and every filthy bird of prey.

Kathleen1031 said...

Covering for homosexual predator priests IS the problem. Truly many Catholics would prefer pretending to not see what they don't want to see. It is cowardice.
Anonymity enables people to do things they would never want to admit. Same thing happens to people in motor vehicles. They give in to the dark side.

Irenaeus said...

This is sad to see. May Zacchaeus Neil Capasso find peace.