Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Pervert Basilians keep on coming

A tip of the hat to Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness for this and a slap to CityNews. Where have you been for all these years when we bloggers have been reporting this?

While this is news, it is not new news. At one time or another, this blog and Barona have reported on many of these perverts in the filthy Congregation of St. Basil.

Fourteen is only the tip of the perverted Basilian iceberg.

You only deal with sex perverts. How about violent, assaulting bruts? How about lying, suing, swindler priests?

St. Michael's College is and was a hell-hole and it blossomed as such under Pervert Campbell.

As for the Archdiocese of Toronto and its series of Archbishops and Cardinals that covered it up (don't tell me they didn't know) and have not removed this filthy order from the Archdiocese, why don't you demand to know what they knew and when?


Filthy, rotten Basilians. Not one of you is worth anything but a your feet dangling in Hell on the last rung of the purgatory ladder. If you can make it that far up.


Kathleen1031 said...

I can't come up with any more adjectives for these horrible perverts.
Well, I guess one, I had one left.
They spit on God, destroyed the lives of boys and young men, wrecked the church, and drove so many away from their faith. I would not be any one of these men for 10 billion dollars.

Peter Lamb said...

Guys, time to accept the long time judeo-masonic strategy of communistic infiltration and sodomitic invasion in their vain attempt to destroy Christ and His Church. There is no more to debate about. All is well known. The no "church" is not the Catholic Church; the conciliar heretics are not Popes! The Chair is empty - Sede Vacante . Let's accept the fact and move on as true, loyal Catholics. Our Faith does not change. Let us just embrace it as it is, as it was and as it will always be. If one knows and understands what is going on and what the novus bogus is, then going to an una cum Mass, or no "mass" is a mortal sin.

Tom A. said...

When one goes to an “una cum” Mass, one professes before God Almighty that one is in union with Bergoglio and all those perverts who no longer profess the Catholic Faith. One is professing that all that the NO church teaches one accepts based on the authority of the one teaching.

Fidei said...

I am an alumni of a Basilian H.S. in Michigan, Catholic Central. There were some AWESOME disciples (in fact, most of them were) that taught us and taught us to love and respect God, our families and ourselves. It was an all boys' school. The Basilians obviously have some major problems, but, although there was one effeminate (and too touchy) priest, most taught us to be men: sacrificial, masculine, faithful and hard working. I HATE this sort of abuse and would be the first to want capital punishment for one of these 14 perverts. Just a word to the wise: Don't throw every Basilian under the bus! There are a lot of good men that wear the title Basilian, too.