Saturday, 31 October 2020

The Great Attack by Carlos Caso-Rosendi

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Anonymous said...

Covid is no HOAX and while we may think less people are becoming seriously sick , some people are and some are still dying.
To make light of this disease is to pour salt in the open wounds in the hearts of the families who have lost a loved one.
The differences in some being hit fatally while others don't feel much has yet to be fully understood.
Maybe there is more than one strain of this virus? Maybe it is the viral load one is hit with? Maybe it is your own immune system? Maybe there are several mutations?
There are still people dying !

CanukFrank said...

Thanks, Vox. A good article nicely tying up the connection between Fatima & Garabandal.

Carlos Caso-Rosendi said...

Thank you for promoting my blog!
God bless,

Irenaeus said...

Excellent post, Mr. Caso-Rosendi!