Thursday, 15 October 2020

Hey VeraCity - where have you been for all these years?

Perhaps City News will answer these questions publicly on the Facebook "support" page or perhaps they will not. If they do not, then one must ask about their motivation.

Full disclosure: I spent a year of hell at the age of 13 being physically assaulted by Basilian priests and a lay man wannabee Basilian in a Toronto High School. I fought back and had the personality to defend oneself. It could have been worse. I was a lucky one. I also went after the wretched Congregation of St. Basil fifteen years ago with a formal complaint. It is also on file with the Archdiocese of Toronto. It is inconceivable that the various leaders of the Church in Toronto did not know about the decades long abuse by Basilians and others. 

The blog post story below is a bit curious. It deals with old cases resolved in courts and perpetrators long outed here at Vox Cantoris or at Toronto Catholic Witness. All, but two of the perps are dead and judged by God.

Let's see if the good reporters at VeraCity (sounds like they're late to the party, eh? Spotlight dealt with this). answer my questions on Facebook. Frankly, they should be embarrassed for neglecting the story for so long. Don't get me wrong. None of this should be covered up, I'm just disgusted that they've ignored this for so long!

They also do not deal with the issue. Of the 14, 13 went after boys. This is a homosexual predator problem and infestation.

The real question though is this. What did Pocock, Carter, Ambrozic and Collins know and when did they know it?

Still not approved...

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