Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Vatican minions in a tizzy on how to deal with Bergoglio's latest heresy

Courtesy of LifeSiteNews 

Il Fatto Quotidiano reported on Thursday, that they had received an email from the editorial directors of the Vatican Dicastery for Communication, signed by Massimiliano Menichetti, the head of Radio Vaticana - Vatican News. 

The email reads: “Good day everyone, in reference to the uproar stirred up by the film ‘Francesco’ by the Russian director Evgeny Afineevsky, for now we are not coming out with ANY news, either on the radio or on the web. Nothing also about the film or the award given today in the Vatican. There is an active discussion about how to address the current media crisis. A statement from the Press Office is not excluded. Please report to me if you can, both in the middle of the day and at the end of the day, any reactions from listeners and followers. It is not necessary to send me the actual comments, it’s enough to send me two lines summarizing it. Thank you, Massimiliano Menichetti.”  

Mocking and laughing at these cretins is a justified response.


Osusanna said...

Bet that "active discussion" is worthy of the three stooges.

Brian said...

I wish these minions would simply be honest and come out and without equivocation support what Bergoglio is saying. This civil union is simply the step for support of gay marriage, married clergy, including marriage between gay priests. This is all coming. There is no effective opposition.

Tom A. said...

They are being honest, they are finally implementing Vatican 2. It is the NO conservatives that are spineless and will not move against him. But they are all Vatican 2 men themselves, so the only thing they will do is roll their eyes and wring their hands. Ditto for the R&R crowd. They will just claim that it’s not ex cathedra so move along, nothing to see.