Friday, 23 October 2020

Steve Skojec: Abusive creep.

Skojec and his blog were long ago removed from this site. The man is a disgraceful boor, a bully and not very smart.

Here he is again, openly slandering and threatening Ann Barnhardt. You can disagree with Ann's position. You can't, do, this!

It is not the first time. He has been savage to her on Twitter.

Disgraceful puke is what Skojec is.

Catholic, eh? 



Ana Milan said...

What credentials does Steve Skojec have for being a "thought leader"? He obviously hasn't read the Latin version of PBXVI's resignation & compared it to the Canons governing papal resignations, nor taken into consideration the immense coercion from St. Gallen Group, Obama, NWO, UN, CCP etc. that led to, it making his resignation invalid. Nor did he give credence to PJPII's binding Rules relating to papal elections which were ignored, thereby acting against the Ministerium. Of course, the fact that most members of the prelature are complicit & corrupt doesn't seem to hit home with him either. Many didn't know Jorge & were hoodwinked by electoral propaganda (forbidden) & those that didn't are too afraid & prideful to admit their error & call for an imperfect council to clarify the situation once & for all. Blind obedience to a false pope is very destructive. St. Francis of Assisi warned his congregation before his death that God would send us an un-canonically elected Destroyer & that prophesy has come true.

Anonymous said...

Also Mastercard lifted their blockade on the Vatican the day after Benedict resigned.The whole thing stinks, no wonder the Vatican took two strikes of lightning that day.

Tom A. said...

Ratzinger is no less heretical than Bergoglio. He just knew not to be so obvious.

Dan M. said...

Look, I'm all for not deriding other people online. But it does seem necessary to point out that just this week you publicly called Pope Francis (and yes, we're all deeply troubled by him): an evil and monstrous man, an Argentinian boil, Evil. Evil. Evil., a rotten man with a filthy mind, an abomination, and even the Whore of Babylon. You then called for him to be denounced, mocked, and derided.

You then called out Skojec for slandering Barnhardt by calling him a disgraceful boor, a bully, not very smart, and a disgraceful puke.

Make a choice. Are you for derision, or not?

Vox Cantoris said...

I can make a distinction.

Bergoglio is what he is. He is scandalizing people, undermining the faith, failing to preach salvation and not preaching the truth to save souls. He is a clear and present danger to the Faith and humanity.

On the other hand, Skojec is attacking an innocent woman who has done nothing to him. He has done this repeatedly on social media. He is a creep and a bully.

There is a distinction.

Anonymous said...

Skojak was a member of the LofC's Regnim Christi cult.
That in and of itself cancels him out as any kinf of "Thought Leader".
AB is not thought leader either.
As a cradle Catholic ,I find converts are really still Catechumens when it comes to teaching and preaching to others.

JTLiuzza said...

I don't know about the "thought leader" business. That's a new concept for me in a world where people wait for marching orders from celebrities and athletes.

From my standpoint, one seeks good teachers and I believe anyone who makes it his work to be a good teacher would object to being referred to as a "thought leader." Teachers want you to think on your own. "Thought leaders" would rather you simply defer to them because they're so smart.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the term. Either way I don't like it.

That said, Miss B takes a position, backs it up with painstaking research and documentation, and then lays it out there for everyone. You can take it or leave it, offer a counterpoint or attempt to refute with your own research or documentation, which she will address...

What on earth is wrong with that? That's a healthy way for Catholics to toss things about. Does she get fiery from time to time? Sure but that doesn't bother me personally one bit and, given the stakes, is more than understandable.

What is Skojec's response? "Crazy lady." "Ugly" (which she is not by the way). Oh and "don't forget to send me money!" Juvenile irrelevancies that don't even begin to address her points.

I would turn Mr. Skojec's question (a tweet not included in this post) back on him: It's amazing anyone pays any attention to him!

Osusanna said...

wow. He knows so much about her? He's an amateur psychologist too? Very ugly.

Irenaeus said...


St. Joseph, model of workmen, intercede for Steve Skojec!

Johnno said...

Does Barnhardt even engage with him? I don't believe she has any social media and she wouldn't touch it with a long pole.

Other than to simple reiterate and defend her position and point out the absurdity of how Skokjec and others are now instead of questioning the legitimacy of Bergolio, are questioning the legitimacy of the Catholic Faith, Vatican I and are entertaining the Eastern model of 'no-Popes' which even Bergolio and Kasper and co favor because Bergy himself doesn't believe in the authority of any Popes and like the schismatics also favours divorce and remarriage seven times seven, the only thing they have left is to simply call Barnhardt 'crazy lady.'

How about we first go right up to the man - Benedict XVI himself - and question him to clear up this situation? We can't get to him? Why? Are you even going to try? What? Some off-quote out of context by the Vatican Press Office or third party saying "Benedict is resigned" is enough to call off the search???

This is like Biden going on camera in front of a crowd and saying, "Why yes! I did pressure the Ukranian government under threat of preventing U.S. aid until they fire the prosecutor going after the company headed by my no-experience son for $80,000+ a month's salary! And a good job I did too, haha!"

And the press corps also guffaw, and then when this is brought up, all you need is the NYTimes guarantee and some source from the intelligence agencies, who are impeccable folks that you must trust as much as you trust the Lord Jesus Christ, for they would never do anything wrong, ever, that Biden's words don't mean anything. Shut up!

Just goes to show that our Catholic press are just as dumbass and allergic to investigative reporting as the secular morons, who all recently exposed themselves for not knowing that 'coyote' was a euphemism for 'human smuggling.' These educated hacks are the ones running the papers folks. They only know how to read scripts distributed to them by those intelligence agencies. If you like your funding, you'll keep it that way.

Kathleen1031 said...

I'm not sure who the legitimate authority he is referring to is. Does he mean Bergoglio? Bergoglio is no longer legitimate. If he ever had the mantle at all, he gave it up when he venerated Pachamama in October 2019, and led the weeklong pagan ceremonies. When the pope breaks the First Commandment for the eyes of the world to see, in what way is he legitimate. But, to each his own, I can only speak for myself, and it's a decision each Catholic has to make.
I am unnerved by what was said about Ann Barnhardt being "brought in" for examination. Upon what basis are we now deciding someone else is mentally unstable, especially a person we have not met.

jim norwood said...

I posted this comment on his site. "Its simple, either Jesus is a liar or Bergolio is not the Pope. Ann Barnhardt has it nailed." Steve replied to the effect that her opinion is worthless. Without giving me any chance to respond he banned me from his site. It seems that the mention of her name drives him crazy. Here's the ironic part. He was just recently crying poor and I felt sorry for him and gave him a donation. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Worry not. Life will dish out some humble pies for Skojec. And hopefully he would learn a lesson or two to keep him humble. He reminds me of the N American cardinal bird that chirps non-stop!

Anonymous said...

Worry not. Life will dish out some humble pies for Skojec. And hopefully he would learn a lesson or two to keep him humble. He reminds me of the N American cardinal bird that chirps non-stop!

Tom A. said...

He says nothing of value or interest. His readership is woefully ignorant of actual pre 1958 Catholic teachings. His contributing writers are not much better. He complains and whines like a sissy. Why anyone would donate a dime to him is truly one of life’s mysteries.

Dymphna said...

Before donating to any charity check the financial reports on the IRS page.