Friday, 2 October 2020

President Trump and First Lady Melania test positive for China Virus


Pray for them.


Irenaeus said...

May God protect them.

Ana Milan said...

The following is from a commenter @protectthefaith.
"The president does not have CoViD-19. He has tested positive for a trace amount of RNA of SARS-CoV-2, which can cause CoViD-19, but usually does not. Pray that he does not get the disease or that if he does it's mild and he recovers quickly." He also added he presumed it was the standard PCR test.

Let's hope & pray this is correct & he'll be out campaigning again.

Anonymous said...

"And if I remember correctly, he (John Paul II) had never had a bank account in his life ... not even as a dad."

John Paul II was a dad???

Kathleen1031 said...

God has His hand on Donald J. Trump. He is a man God can use. If anything were to happen to President Trump, then we are under God's judgment and we may as well accept it. It does not seem likely God raised him up only to have him get Covid and have it go bad just before the most important election of our nation's history. God is not cruel, He knows we need him.
Please Lord, be with our president and his wife and family, and the other people who develop Covid. Restore them to full health and vigor as quickly as possible. Thank you Lord, amen.

NBW said...

May God protect them and heal them quickly.