Saturday, 3 October 2020

Pandemic Realities: How the 1918 flu pandemic revolutionized public health and a lesson for the here and now.

Watch this and listen to the similarities. Note that just as these people could not be blamed for having Spanish Flu, nor can President Donald Trump. The behaviour of some can only be described as demonic.

When we look back on this in a few months, we will see the hand of God at work.

And then there is this health challenged degenerate.


Brian said...

Imagine that, wishing evil on someone. I don't think the nuns taught him that. But we have come to expect this venom from Moore (aka Jabba the Hut). Hey Jabba are you part of the 99% or the 1%?

Kathleen1031 said...

Hatred like this is a few things. It is ignorant. It is Satanic.
There is not a shred of human compassion, intelligence, or even humanity in it. Like all godless people, he's no longer in touch with whatever qualities of goodness he once had, though he surely deludes himself into thinking he's compassionate. This person would in a second, use violent force against his political enemies. He's dangerous, he openly wishes death on a sitting president, and if he could bring it about, he probably would. This is beneath the dignity of Americans as they always were, we were never like this until these Democrats got crazed with Communism and started slavering for it. God forbid they should ever get power, they would be violent and vengeful. They would punish red states and conservatives, persecute whenever they could. They would do to Christians what they now do to tiny babies seconds from birth, and feel satisfaction doing it. When Catholic vote Democrat, if they vote for Joe Biden, THIS is what they are voting for.
They seethe with hate for Donald Trump. He alone stands in their way.
He must go. Wake up Catholic Democrats, before it is too late.