Sunday, 11 October 2020

Joe Biden: "You're trying your breast, but it never feels like enough."


Osusanna said...

Once satan has blinded you he uses you as a comic tool.

P. O'Brien said...

At least it's not someone else's breast!

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic Vox, but I would like to point out that Catholics with blogs are generally discouraging the use of surgical masks as another layer of protection against covid. The other line that concerns me is that Sweden is constantly being held up as a positive example. They are almost all micro chipped and they practice Euthanasia. This IS part of the globalist agenda to cull the elderly and sick.

President Trump's Doctors at Walter Reed were all wearing surgical masks when they came out to talk to the Press. His Dr said ,"We all wear masks to protect our patients and ourselves."
A mask is just another layer of protection to reduce the viral load one may be exposed to.
Sweden Spared Lockdown Because it Has Already Accepted Satan
You have to ask yourself.How many elderly Swedes do you see in pictures?
Euthanasia is common here.

Is Opus Dei part of the Deep State?
Mike Stone: Are You Ready for Civil War?
"All of the above could be stopped very easily if Attorney General William Barr would arrest and prosecute the coup planners. They are committing treason, after all. But he's not going to do that. In fact, he's not going to arrest or charge anyone involved in the upcoming riots either. He's tipped his hand. He's part of the Deep State too."